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Anyone have thoughts on Colony?

The pilot for USA Network’s new show Colony has been available online for a while but I just got around to watching it. I’m not completely sold on the show yet but the pilot did the one thing it needed to do. I’m interested enough to watch the next episode. Spoilers ahead.

The pilot episode is basically setting up the situation, key characters and, yes, a Big Question. That last part concerns me. The big mystery introduced is who or what has taken over (at least) Los Angeles and Santa Monica. What little is said suggests aliens and the way the invaders are so mysterious suggests a V or Childhood’s End level of surprise when (or if) they are finally revealed. However, the actual identity of who is in charge may not even be important since it looks like Colony is more about the humans - resistance members, collaborators, and the rest who are just trying to get by.


By the end of the episode what I assume is the main dynamic is in place. Josh Holloway’s ex-military/government agent is working for the collaborator government while his wife (Sarah Wayne Callies) is part of the resistance. The face of the government collaborators is the very image of the banality of evil in the form of Peter Jacobson.

Since the pilot was mainly setting things up I still don’t really know where the show is going or how it’s getting there. For now, my curiosity is sufficient to keep me watching.

Other thoughts:

  • The show creators say they were mainly influenced by imagery from Nazi-occupied Paris but the pilot evoked for me among other things New Caprica, V (the original ‘80s version), and some current events from our world.
  • The reveal at the end of the wife’s involvement with the resistance is probably supposed to be a surprise but it was telegraphed so clearly early on that it had no weight.

You can watch the pilot episode here or when it airs next week.

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