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Anyone Open an AoS Spoiler Thread Yet?

Looks around . . .

Me! Me! I'll do it!


And let me start by saying—nobody think that one scene (oh, Fitz!) is going to mellow me about the writers not taking my advice about the other thing.

It's not.

But srsly, ya'll . . .

Let's talk about how I was sitting on my couch being all, "No, Fitz! NO! DON'T GO TO THAT DARK PLACE, FITZ!"

I was fairly pleased with how they wrapped that.

Less pleasing was Simmons.

Okay, yeah, I loved getting to see her again, but there is an element of menace that Elizabeth Henstridge can bring that they're just *wasting.*


I really, really want to see Dangerous Simmons almost as much as I want FitzSimmons back together.


Oh, and there was other stuff, too, I think.

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