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Anyone Watching AOS?

Wanna live blog with me?


Hydra has a logo on their computers? That doesn't seem like a potential opsec risk...


I'm disappointed and not that Fitz/Simmons are alive. So far.

So Garrett is completely nuts now. Interesting to see the effects of the Tahiti cure. Hopefully this stuff with Rayna leads to answers on why Skye isn't nuts.'

Okay, Fitz/Simmons' "Science is going to save our lives!" geek out was cute. They pass on living for now.

I'm gonna need some character development for Antoine Tripplett next year, please. I keep forgetting almost everything about him.


HOLY SHIT GARRETT LITERALLY JUST RIPPED OUT A GENERAL'S WINDPIPE. All my moments of boredom and pain on the early episodes of Agents of SHIELD have just been vindicated. This season was totally worth it, just for that moment.

Others will have to take over - I have family aggro....



Okay, who's the bigger badass: Nick Fury or Melinda May? (I vote Melinda May)

Ok, I really did end up liking Mike Peterson's arc this season. But J. August Richards could win me over to almost anything.


Seriously, though, I need Coulson to come to grips next season with the fact that SHIELD no longer exists. Except Fury apparently has a jet, a helicopter, and a full med team, so God help me maybe some of SHIELD still does exist. Are we sure SHIELD isn't the one where when you cut off the head, two grow in its place?

I feel like "guy who devoted his life to a deranged narcissist" could also come terribly close to Coulson and Fury's relationship.... I remain totally unconvinced that SHIELD are the "good" guys.


So Patton Oswald lives... but not as the same character. Twin or LMD, which is more likely for this show?

Pet theory: Nick Fury's jet crew and "med team" are all Patton Oswald clones.

Ominous Beautiful Mind stuff at the end there. Be okay, Coulson!

Thanks for watching with me, all!

Oh, and poor Fitz!

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