Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Anyone watching Scandal here?

Because... Well, we need to talk. About YOLO. Because holy shit.

I thought this was pretty much Scandal's best episode in quite a while. Something finally HAPPENED in the B613 plot instead of just teases and mysteries and battle lines are being drawn in the political re-election plot.

Scandal has never focused this much on the fact that the people we're following week to week are monsters. Olivia, Huck, Quinn, Charlie, Sally, Cyrus, Rowan... Everyone are desperate, which made this the darkest, most interesting and intense episode yet, spinning with the theme of what power does to you and how it can, in some instances, leave you powerless. And the final twist was fantastic.


I cannot wait to see where this is going next. It's going to be a tough wait.

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