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AoS Megathread/4,722 Hours: Simmons Got Some Splainin' To Do

Oh, Simmons. We have so many questions. And if this were any other show we’d be waiting season-long-arcs for the answers. BUT NOT AOS!

When Simmons finally fesses up to her mad Jumanji skills, please keep the comments below spoiler free, or join us at the Spoilerific Reaction Thread!


Early Reviews Are In!

Breezy has a near-Vimes encounter:

Charlie Jane has some surprises:


And the conversation is still going strong in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread:


Got a recap/review/collection of deep thoughts/haiku about the show? Let me know, and I’ll add the link!

Until then . . . Hop on the Bus, Gus!

Dammit, I accidentally posted the image instead of the intended link . . . twice. Now it’s staying.


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