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AoS Not-A-Midseason-Finale Megathread: Return to a Sense of Normalcy Edition

Recaps are in! Tonight we have the midseason finale just a regular old episode, “Many Heads, One Tale”. Honestly, last week’s episode was so good I really can’t wait to see where they go this week.

Breezy legitimately made me laugh out loud with his take on Lincoln:


Please be thoughtful in avoiding spoilers in the comments here. However, we will be spoiling with gleeful abandon (and probably gleeful whiskey) over in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread:

I know it’s right above us in the thread, but for the sake of my OCD, here’s this week’s KevinGarcia (which I suspect is becoming a Thing, because like other commenters, I’m suddenly realizing I need a KevinGarcia for all the shows.)


I’ll be waiting to post your recaps, reviews, rants, raves, revelry and ravelry as soon as you write them!

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