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AoS Premiere MegaThread: Crystal A-Quakening

Listen, folks—you want your AoS megathreads with cleverly constructed subject punnery, you . . . well, you need a different Anti, I guess. Revised and expanded for that Wednesday morning feeling—please let me know if you have reactions, recaps, reviews, rants, raves, rovers, reavers, reapers, ragers, or thoughts through the night, and I’ll add them here.

For the courtesy of the spoiler-adverse, please make sure that your comments in *this* thread and/or subject lines for linking are clean, clear, and spoiler free. (Even if they’re fake, Falso.)


All the business sorted? Yeah? Good. That part’s boring.

Let’s get to the good stuff . . .

1. Spoilers and flailing are welcome in my AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread, but calm and logical responses may elicit dubious looks:

2. Looking for a safe space to react? Launch a non-spoiler reaction thread and let me know—I’ll add it.

3. You may have noticed a marked lack of exclamation points in this post. I suspect it’s ‘cause Breezy is hoarding them in preparation for his recap.

3. And here it is! Cool_Breeze is keeping secrets in his review:


4. KevinGarcia.com is back (he’s back! he’s back! he’s back!), and feeling monstrous . . .


5. Charlie Jane is deconstructing the construction of Cap 3:


Out-of-Network Coverage:

1. IGN:


2. AV Club:


3. Entertainment Weekly:


Throw me your lovely linkages as you get ‘em got, and I’ll put ‘em up.

(OMG, I am SO excited. AoS! AoS! AoS!)

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