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AoS Reaction and Group Therapy Megathread (Spoilerific)

In an attempt to help consolidate reactions, I’m posting the shares we’ve already had put up, and creating a general megathread for any further emotional support that may be needed. Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone! (Edit to clarify: if you’ve written a reaction and would like me to add it, gimme a heads-up in the comments and I’ll add you.)

ErisOnWheels had A Bit of a Thought:


Cool_Breeze is The Guy Who Kills Gordon:

Stick Encountered Technical Difficulties:


Doc Is Just Plain Living Dangerously:


And KevinGarcia.com helps us make sense of it all:


As for me: Overnights are in, and this madhouse ep hit new viewer lows? Am baffled, befuddled, and bemused.

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