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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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AoS S07E06 Spoilerific Reaction Thread: Wanted - Adapted or Alive*


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Actually, if you see him this week, you’ll have to let me know in comments. I’m having friends over tonight, and will be entirely occupied with trying to remember how to behave around other human beings.

(No, I did NOT forget that I have a standard obligation to you guys on Wednesday nights — we were supposed to be getting together at 3ish, but the plans changed and had to move it later. Ya’ll know you’re my first priority!)


Wish me luck being social! It’s at my house, too, which quadruples the weirdness (I very, very rarely have people over).

Umm . . . oh, other speculation:

1. Was the picture in the envelope Mack’s parents? I vote no.

2. Does Sousa -

a. Die/Stay behind in 1976

b. Join the team, and retcon Policeman Victor from Avengers 1? (I vote this!)

c. Go OTP with Daisy?

3. Are FitzSimmons In The Cloud (it really is an excellent way for them to model solutions), and using Jemma’s LMD to be all sneaky?


4. Are they going to use Aida’s Real!Boy technology to make Coulson a new body?

I’ll drop by if everyone leaves before 10 — if not, say nice things about me.

*No, this is not my best pun. I challenge you to do better below.

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