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AoS S3E12 Megathread: Inside Manning the Watchposts

Recaps are up! And waiting patiently for May 6th, in which status quoi will be tossed over like so many pillows after a restless night, foundations shall crumble like a stale gas station muffin, and transmedia elements of the MCU shall be ignored like a thing designed particularly to irk people named Antipodes. But I digress. . .


KG’s got his Secrets of Recap up at Monomythic:


Breezy has a gem of a write-up -

Firstly tonight, a bit of business: I was travelling last week and shamefully missed posting a recap. Apologies, goodsir, apologies. T’was an inadvertent and most egregious oversight, and I do most sincerely repent of it:


And as our item of the second instance, for those of us to whom spoilers are the very stuff of life:


And wait just a goddamned minute here. Snakes? SNAKES? That I am honor-bound to have on my page? B, I take back my apology.

Anyway, on to Inside Man, in which someone (a man?) will be someplace (inside?). Or possibly not. Corollary: Can an inhuman female be classified under “mankind”?


(Speaking of mankind: Fascinating exploration of the earliest usage of “man” here: http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/2013/08/05/epi…)

That’s all I have, folks! On with the show!

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