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AoS S3E15 Megathread: Wormholes Wait For No (InHu)Man

Oooh, they got Ward all trenchcoated-up now, ya’ll. Stuff gonna get REAL tonight. I’m not entirely clear, based on last week’s teaser, *how* it’s going to get real, but trenchcoats are not to be messed around with.

Let’s see:

Just a reminder, please try to keep this thread spoiler-free. (I’m awful to lose track of where I’m responding, so if you see [redacted] comments, that’s what happened.)


Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies enjoy the madcap spoiler antics? Things move pretty fast over in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread (chicka chicka . . . )

Meanwhile, Breezy’s taking time to smell the tie-ins:


None of these options working for you? Throw me a link to your own groovetastic convo, and I’ll post it here, too!

The End.

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