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AoS S3E19 Megathread: Experimental Failures and Other Fun Topics of Conversation

Possibly. Possibly not. Depends on who you ask, mostly. (Please don’t ask my second-grade teacher. She and I have unresolved issues.) But, of course, the bigger question as we wander tantalizingly close to the release of Civil War, the end of the season, and, I guess, the end of the Civil War (maybe) is . . .


If you want to know how I *really* feel, join us in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread:

If you know the answer or are otherwise inclined to spoil, PLEASE don’t put it here—see above Reaction Thread, where spoilers are pounced upon and scarfed like kettle corn.

And if you have your very own sizzling hot take, let me know and I’ll add it!

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