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AoS S3E4 Megathread: There's Something About A Redhead Edition

Welcome to the megathread for Agents of Shield: Devils You Know. UPDATE: While rumors of my being sucked into a mysterious alien monolith are completely true have been exaggerated, I will be time-delayed in posting updates today; if you don’t see the post you’re looking for, check the comments!

My work is hell-bent on destroying my precious megathread time (same project interfered for TWD on Sunday), so I won’t be live tonight, but check back here for all the reactions, recaps, and reviews! (All of this is still true. I shall report back from whatever extra-solar planet I am stranded on.)


Kevin Garcia is looking for monsters:

While Cool_Breeze is willing to write the recaps so we don’t have to:


And CJA discusses the finer points of etiquette: (sorry for the delay!)


If you would like to discuss details in real time, come join us in the Spoilerific Reaction Thread!


Or feel free to talk it out here, but out of respect for delayed viewers, please do NOT post spoilers in the comment section below!

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