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AoS - Some delayed reactions

Now that I've had some time to think about the episode and read some of the other comments I have to say the finale was one I wasn't a fan of. The one thing I didn't want to have happen happened and while a lot of other stuff I wanted to have happen did it was all a bit too predictable.

They worked very hard to drive home the point that Ward was just following Garrett. Ward even says "you don't believe in all this Hydra crap do you?" Ward asks Garrett what do we do next? I was afraid they were going to redeem Ward before the end of the episode at that point. I even got mad and told my wife, who hates the show, they need to stop this so that guy can die! Maybe they don't redeem him. Maybe he just sits in a cell somewhere. Whatever. I haven't liked his character since day 1. (Though I did like the rest of the characters including the much maligned Mary Sue)

The next thing to unpack is the FitzSimmons storyline. Was I happy with how this went? Well as soon as they mentioned the SoS on the SHIELD frequency it became obvious Fury was going to pick them up when they got out of the box. Fitz professing his love for Simmons was also a bit of a fan service. The only one of us can make it part was a bit interesting though. The fact that Fitz' status is unresolved at the end of the season is also interesting. Part of me wonders if Simmons will have to use Skye's blood to fix Fitz.


Garrett's part in the finale? Way too predictable. All of it. The only twist was when Garrett rebuilds himself stronger and Coulson zaps him with the 0-8-4. That was so off-pace with the entire rest of that storyline that I actually wasn't sure that they really just did that. I figured Coulson would wake up from a dream or something.

I did enjoy Melinda May the berzerker and Ward butt kicker. I am happy with what the show left as their cliff hanger for season 2, but it is also what myself and a number of others have predicted for a few weeks would be the lead to season 2. Still the predictability is a little bit ho-hum.

Now Coulson is in charge of rebuilding SHIELD (one of you predicted that too). And we've got Koenig LMDs (also predicted).

Those are all plot lines I can be excited about for season 2, but after the twists of Ward and Garrett the last two episodes were rather predictable and anti-climatic as a result. The holy crap WTF intensity didn't survive the Ward reveal and that's too bad.

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