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Ya’ll. It’s AoS night, I’m home, and I don’t have *anything* to distract me from Doing This Thing. (Which probably means that literally ALL of the rest of you are committed to Very Important Other Things tonight.


Image today is, of course, because of my recent fangirling over How Damn Good the character arc has been for Fitz over the course of the show. LOOKIT THAT ITTL FACE!


I mean, that was the face of a man who’s largest issue was is lack of a lockpicking monkey.

And now?

After the bottom of the Atlantic, and eleventeen iterations of Ward, and some Pretty Intense Shit . . .


Pictured: Pretty Intense Shit aka Fitzler


We get to this dude? I mean, THIS DUDE?


I love this show so freakin’ much.

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