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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S05E10: Passed Out (But Alive?)

The end of Pod One approacheth . . . the end of The Lighthouse probably approacheth, and the end of which character also approacheth?

So, I go through the released images for each week’s episode. Mostly, I love spoilers and eat them with sprinkles and joy, but this week I saw one more thing than I wanted to see.


Not because it was a spoiler, per se, but because it’s the kind of image that gets me all worried about an episode. If I know for sure something’s coming, I can be prepared for it. If I don’t . . . well, I can’t even enjoy the show because I’m so busy stressing.

Anyway, ya’ll, see you tonight!

Also—if you are a west coast kind of kid, please find your very own just for you super special spoilerific reaction thread!

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