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‘Sup ya’ll. Welcome back from the February hiatus . . . hope everyone enjoyed the Olympics and now have at LEAST three obscure sports that you secretly suspect you could pull off if you REALLY wanted to.

Back to the second pod of Season 5 . . . where our motley band of heroes have (theoretically) returned home to a place that is (theoretically) nothing like home anymore, and in which they (and we) will (definitively, which is a word that I definitively like better than definitely) be second-guessing every potential action and reaction as fulfilling/thwarting the time travel arc.


But it’s Show, and we have faith that Show will do it well and probably won’t even make me want to kick people in the kneecap while it’s doing it.

Also new tonight: Dove Cameron as Ruby. Dove’s a Disney Channel kid, but I have to confess to an *eensy* bit of an obsession with Disney’s Descendants (it’s so bad . . . it’s SO GOOD. the storylines are so undeveloped, and so ripe for fic), and Dove’s choices as Mal actually kind of impressed me. I’m prepared to welcome her to show.

While we’re waiting: 1. Do I have any other Descendants DLs in the house? (like, legit, “Ways to Be Wicked” is one of my favorite morning commute songs) 2. Who is Ruby? What is Ruby? 3. How long ‘til YoYo dishes the hot Coulson gossip to the rest of the team? 4. How long ‘til Skye doesn’t even *pretend* to be pissed that he knocked her out and brought her home?

Here you go, West Coast Crew!

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