Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Days of the week are hard, ya’ll. There’s like, seven of them, and they keep changing ALL THE TIME, even if you don’t stop and pay attention to stuff like midnight, and also they make you keep them IN THE SAME ORDER. It’s exhausting.


So . . . um . . . yeah. Thanks Fondumentalist, for having my back when I flaked out.

Tonight! How much will Fitz flake out when Fitzler returns?

Also, I have to share a conversation that happened at work today:

Me: *walks in to talk to someone about something that was possibly work-related*

An Illustrious Compatriot: “Anti, I owe you an apology.”

Me: “No worries! *begins talking* Wait . . .what?”

AIC: “You were right.”

Me: “Oh, no problem! Wait . . . what?”

AIC: “I got farther into AoS and it’s awesome.”

Me: *begins geeking out*

AIC: *begins geeking out*

Other Illustrious Compatriot: *geeks the third*

I have the most awesomest team.

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