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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S05E15: Shiny Happy People (Blowing Things Up)

Hey ya’ll! Happy Good Friday to those observing, Passover to those observing tomorrow, Easter to those prepping for Sunday, and for the Orthodox folks—we’ll be at your party next weekend! For everyone else, ‘tis this season of Peeps and Cadbury eggs!


(He’s observing! Get it??? Also, that Fitz is SO hottest Fitz—a character who I never found hot prior to that jacket/neckerchief combo.)

Tonight: we find out more about why the Air Force general can’t cool her jets, and I’m assuming the team makes constipated faces about hard choices. Also, at least one of them will have a weird jailhouse conversation with ToFitzlerOrNotToFitzlerFitz. I will enjoy that profoundly.

Also, I’m in the observing Good Friday camp, so probably will be hijacked for family stuff and may not be live with ya’ll. Say snarky things and miss me lots.

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