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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S05E22: (Not) The End Edition

EDIT: West Coast, added a thread for you. Hello, amazings! We have come to what is not the end. Still, it has me thinking retrospectively. Started with me trying to pick a favorite episode from this season, led into me trying to pick a favorite from *each* season, and then played into choosing my own favorite moments.

We’ve covered a LOT of story.

Edit 2—Adding a West Coast Safe Space


Edit—look what I found in my twitter feed!

We’ve also spent a LOT of time together—I hope you all know how much I enjoy spending my Show nights with you!

I’m caught up now, but don’t know if I’ll be live tonight or not.

In the runup, let’s share . . . um . . . oh! Let’s share favorite *comments* moments. Mine is definitely “still dead”, with Lash updates being a close second.

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