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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S06E02: PowerBang Opportunity

Week Two is here, and I have many questions. For example: will I be home tonight in time to watch live with ya’ll? Will show clip through the Transdimensional Transportation storyline (which, to be honest, isn’t really working for me. The Ravager Girl looks like everyone else on the show (I keep thinking she’s Daisy, or Simmons, or the LMD, or literally any of the other Guest Brunettes, and they have a way to go before I buy Not!Coulson, and I’ll NEVER buy “Sarge”.)

Much more interested in the space storyline. I’ve always liked Piper, and the Sassy Pilot is channeling a Bradley-Cooper-as-Faceman vibe, and I think I may end up caring about them as more than guest stars. I REALLY like that they didn’t jump ship when the commitment ask got crazy.


And I really want to see Fitz.


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