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EDIT: OF COURSE when I start with “I check to see if there’s even going to be an episode tonight”, I forget to check for that. See you next week, guys!

So, every week my thread post begins the same way. I go to IMDB to figure out if there’s even going to be an episode tonight, and track down the name and number. Then I search aos + ep title to see if the released press images feature Fitz or otherwise amuse me.

Today that has me musing on how much I love the meta design this show uses—and they do it really well. The lemon motifs last week were absolutely gorgeous, and their key art is *always* beautiful and heroic and evocative and epic.


I’m officially going with this image this week:

I like the linear feel to it, but also how it also pulls forward and back. The emotion is just terrific—it pulls a little bit stronger with when scaled with a better sense of distance, like here:


The details — look at the distancing between Skye, Simmons, and Fitz. Look at the body language between YoYo and May. Look at how someone didn’t lock down set fast enough and Deke snuck into the picture.

Another option I looked at was:


This show loves their circles, which is thematically appropriate. This key has been around a lot this season:


I prefer the linear; it tells more of a story about the dynamics within the group, but the circle art is SO good.

Other shots that resonated with me on a story level:


When they flipped that logo on the end card of the show? I had The Good Goosebumps. (Same goosebumps I got with May’s “We’ll be back.” last week.)


This one was just last season but earned legendary status because it managed to concentrate supersaturations of badassery into one group shot. Every character I look at is telling a story that I want to know—especially May, Simmons, and Fitz.

Final pic pick:

Of COURSE I can’t find it when I want it. It’s not a key, but it was that shot where Simmons was wearing a Hydra jacket. Not a key, but OMG. I will ABSOLUTELY marry whoever DPd this shot, no questions asked. Literally none. They are my forever. (Corollary: I am open to expanding our partnership into a non-traditional relationship that includes the music supervisor for the ep that dug into that moment.)


They picked up the iconography here, too (fairly certain it was the same DP).


So, while we get ready, and in case kinja borks replies again, favorite shots/key/l0oks?

Also, what was the consensus on Philsy-wilsy’s new name? Faulson?

Shall we flash back? Yeah, we gonna flash back real quick . . .

See ya’ll after kickboxing.

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