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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread: S06E07 Someone Toldja'd Me It's Friday

Hey ya’ll — I’m back on the grid after a month that ate my face. ALL the apologies for missing last week — it was the final business day before I went live on a show, and I completely forgot about Show (I also forgot about kickboxing and ate nothing but a bag of popcorn that day, so that should tell you how far off my normal schedule I was).

I did watch last week’s episode, and my reaction was: “THIS is what good fanfiction is!”


That’s not perjorative. Most shows can’t stop and take the time to give their characters room to breathe and enjoy one another, for many, many real-world financial and economy of storytelling reasons, and so those of us who love the world dig in and craft those moments ourselves, creating pockets of authentic, albeit non-canon, worldbuilding that allow the moments to grow in a way the Story!Prime can’t.

This show has chosen to give us these moments, and this was one of the best examples of that. Remember how much I HATED the wedding episode last season? It felt sappy-sweet and sentimental, and like the show was throwing a sop to the relationship building. Blech.

This was the exact opposite. This time the indulgence of the relationship was EARNED. The satisfaction and bedrock faith we have in these characters and their faith in each other was reiterated and affirmed not verbally, but shown through conflict (interpersonal and, well, externally interpersonal . . . that Leopold and Ring!Jemma device was just absolutely genius antagonist insertion). I also loved that their resolution hit in the containment pod, which in so many ways kicked off their real storyline in S2.

And there were monkeys. Did you see the monkeys?

I LOVED that upon finding themselves locked up in another framework, they immediately chose to . . . sit on a couch, have tea and cake, and catch up. How f*ckin’ Nerves-of-Steel, Been-Through-Weirder, Eh-It’s-Another-Day-At-Work badass is that?

And that little “Yip” from Fitz when Jemma regressed? Brilliant.

FANTASTIC, tight, clever dialogue all through.

Sofa king good. Sofa-freaking-king good.

The best action stories are character motivated, and coming out of this episode into the Let’s Figure Out Fauxlson ep gives me hope for a storyline that I haven’t particularly loved thus far, although I HAVE loved watching Ming-Na Wen and Clark Gregg acting opposite each other. Jesus, these two GET it.

Melinda May having ZERO time for this Sarge bullshit. Save the planet, sure, but emotions, butterflies, and lookalikes can line to the left.

Also, I watched Captain Marvel (finally) last night. I STILL have not watched Endgame, and with the Skrull/Kree/cosmic warfare and planet chomping fresh in my head, let’s set the speculation question for today:


WTF is up w/ Coulson?

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