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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S06E08: A Collision, of Course

One of the themes of this season has been Making Watching This Show With Ya’ll Inconvenient.

A) It’s on in the daylight. This is not a daylight show. This is a night-time show, and I actually prefer to watch it without my room lights on as well (if they ever give me a set tour, I WILL personally and at great physical cost reset every single bloody aperture in every single bloody camera. Even a morsel of a scrap of extra light will be worth it.)

B) It’s on right after my favorite kickboxing session of the week, which means I’m perpetually flying in to catch it.


C) They’re airing new episodes the day after the 4th of July, and also the day I’m flying for vacation, and also while I’m on vacation, and also the day I’m flying BACK from vacation.


Anyway . . .

This week sets up Part I of II, and hopefully we’re getting closer to having everyone together, on EARTH, and no more casino hijinks.

Me, every time they cut to Kitson

Do I care if the Pink Lady is the Shrike creator? I do not. Do I care if Fauxlson is a pre-incarnate of Coulson or GhostRiderInnaCoulsonShell? I do not. (Although I should note that I do not agree with the speculation that this is Nu-Reality Coulson. When the team came back from the future in S5 Shield Director Coulson was part of the historical record.)  Fauxlson may be an Alt, but to be honest as long as he keeps the camera off Kitson I’m prepared to be remarkably generous in my appraisal of him.

Remember MultipleLady!Inhuman? Imagine me, also any time they’re on Kitson. F*ck Kitson. (I really hate the Kitson subplot.)

In other news, I’m still watching Inescapable on repeat, and last weekend I legit went through and watched most of the past 5 seasons (primarily following the FitzSimmons arcs). Things I am shocked by:

1. How DIFFERENT every season has been, and even seasons-within-seasons. This show never stops evolving.


2. Holy shit, I cannot believe they let Mack become Real Team after the stuff he/Bobbi/Shield Of Ship and Sea pulled.

3. The FitzSimmons headfake to get Fury’s cube out of the base and to Coulson on the run was just as good this time as it was the first time through.


4. I STILL didn’t understand what the top secret Project Theta Omega Initiative thing was that Coulson was working with. Ya’ll had to explain to me it was the Ultron helicarrier before, too. Poor show. In a world of very successful storylines, this one just didn’t carry its own weight very effectively.

5. The evolution of FitzSimmons is a symphony of character development, good writing, and exceptional acting.


6. I will never care about Lincoln. I will never care about Skye’s SoPastedOnYay feelings for him. Also, I will never quit calling her Skye, because the name change is still stupid.

7. Framework!Ward and Framework!Tripp are my happy place.

8. Fitzler is an evil sonovabitch.

9. It acutely hurt to watch the S2 Fitz go through his recovery.

10. It acutely hurt to realize that this Defrosted!Fitz does not own the Bounty Hunter outfit for potential wear on a button-down/cardigan laundry day. This is a great loss for humanity.


See ya’ll tonight!

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