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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread S06E10: Quantifiable Leap

Heyo . . .

First order of business: I have returned to the land of my people for our yearly expedition to the mountaintop. Current debate is if I’ll be able to start pre-packing the car tonight or will need to do it in the morning.

Good times.

Upside: Yay, vacation!

Downside: I doubt I’ll be able to watch live. We’ll see?

Second order of business: H/T to DM for this link —

So, I guess we know. And I guess that’s cool? I mean . . .

Upside: Seven amazing seasons, going out own terms, etc etc.

Downside: Imma miss ya’ll! And also Imma miss Show! And also the Whedons better not get all excited and start killing people off.

Am I being clear?

Aight, hope to see you tonight!


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