Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Greetings, fellow crossers of space and time!* DM has informed me that there are only two episodes left this season. We’ve Coulson’s got a lot to do!


I’ve been at work for the last few, but I’m home and ready to rant tonight. With that in mind, here are MY most pressing thoughts heading in:

1. ACP? You alive?

2. BDG? You alive?

3. Not sure how I feel about Madame Hydra: Nightcrawler Edition.

4. Ditto the ability to print inhuman bodies.

5. I was thinking about if the Framework could possibly be an alt reality (trying to find a not-horrible ending for Hope). . . but the derezzing around the backdoor indicated to me that they were def in a digital construct.


6. But I want Ward back.

7. But I want Tripp back.

8. Pretty sure UU and I agree on everything except how to spell ya’ll.

9. Can. Not. Wait. for Jemma and Fitz to see each other outside the framework.

10. You guys, May gon beat the damn fool out some damn fool tonight.

11. I really, really freakin’ love this show, and I really, really freakin’ love these threads.


*Not you, Fitz. Go sit down; I’ve only 84% forgiven you. (Although it helps that the show made you angst over what you did.)

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