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AoS Spoilerific Reaction Thread: WE GOT SEASON SIX! Edition

Extra Extra! And they’re delaying it until next summer, so I can only assume it’ll be able to sync with the movies.


Let’s take a moment to admire how young, how innocent, how full of potential our Season 1 cast was . . . and how hard they had to work to impress us.

Well done, Show!



Awww, they love us! From TVLine —

“What we’ve discovered is that we have a very loyal and passionate fan base for S.H.I.E.L.D. The show does incredibly well for us in delayed viewing,” Dungey explained. “By putting it in the summer, we’re going to be able to ‘super-serve’ the fan base that loves that show and hopefully give it an opportunity to continue on longer than we would if it was [scheduled] in-season.”

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