Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Approval artifacts

So roughly a week since The Return of the Greys I've noticed a few strange things.

First, every single comment has to be approved, unless you're being followed by the blog (I think). While this makes sense at first blush, the implementation seems a little extreme. For example even after I've had my comment approved, subsequent replies in the same thread by me must be approved or they remain in the grey. Sometimes this isn't the case, but I assume that's because the people I'm replying to have been followed by io9 so replying to them bumps my comment out of Greyland. But that doesn't make sense; if the reason for withholding approval is that io9 wants to verify each comment on a case-by-case basis then there is no guarantee that just because I replied to a non-grey my comment is good.


The second thing is that you can edit comments after approval. In light of the above concern this also doesn't make sense, as there is no guarantee that my edits would be worthy of approval and not some inhuman vitriol baked in the shit of a thousand trolls. [I also feel like I've given the trolls some new ideas/ammunition. Dear gods, what have I done?!]

I personally don't care that the Greys have returned. I was reading Gawker blogs back when they had greys and stars but never bothered to comment, and I comment/post so rarely I don't feel like I'm missing much if people don't see them. But the implementation does seems a little... odd. Could anyone explain this to me?

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