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I mean at least according to NASA. I know some people don’t take them seriously.

Around the end of the second week of every month, NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies releases their updated tally of the Global Land-Ocean Temperature Index. It’s the GISS Surface Temperature Analysis, called GISTEMP for short. And the story for the past seven months, now, has been that MONTHX has been the warmest month, on the surface of the planet Earth, in records stretching back to 1880. That was the story for October, then November, then December, then January, then February, then March, and now April.


In the 137 years of April data, calibrated against a baseline of 1951-1980 temperatures, the previous warmest April was in 2010. April 2010 was, around the world, 0.87°C warmer than the 1951-1980 baseline. April 2016 decided to be 1.11°C warmer than that baseline, because it could. Shoving this into a quick Excel graph (which I should have edited more) makes it look like this:

April 2016 is a fairly large jump in temperature from the previously recorded warmest April. To be more precise, it’s the largest recorded jump in temperature from a previously recorded warmest April. Climatologists would point to it as yet another reminder that Earth’s average surface temperature can be expected to climb as the greenhouse effect is purposely geoengineered by human activities into working at stronger and stronger amounts.

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