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Aquaman is an Overstuffed CGI Mess, and a Must Watch in IMAX 3D - Spoiler-Free

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OK, so I went to watch this movie last weekend, and since it’s basically premiering now on the US, I thought I could give some general, spoiler-free thoughts on this movie. We might do a spoilerriffic thread if there’s interest in it. But the short is: Go watch it on a big screen...


First things first: This movie is A LOT of fun. It’s also a cheesy and predictable romp that is basically half exposition and half action scenes with a bunch of CGI and a good deal of humor. I would call it a hybrid of Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Ant-man, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but underwater. And curiously enough, a big success in incorporating all of those messy things in a big bowl of comfort soup for the winter. Now I will list, again, in spoiler-free version and in no particular order more specific thoughts in this movie:

  • The comedy was good! And theres a lot of it!
  • It is both one of the most predictable movies of the year and yet, you probably will be surprised, not by plot developments, but by how great of a scope this movie presents and the world it builds.
  • It’s is tonally dissonant. Mostly in the sense that, just like with Thor Ragnarok, the emotional things that happen don’t have time to simmer and you won’t feel them as much because shit is always hitting the fan.
  • It is a long movie, and full of exposition, and yet it is so fast paced that it feels like it could have been a trilogy on the hands of another director... however, what we got is preferable.
  • The acting is a lot better than I expected, even though the movie is pure cheese.
  • The world building is amazing and the CGI goes from serviceable to bloody fantastic.
  • Move aside, Ariel, Mera is a better princess with a better princess dress. The aesthetics in the whole movie are just lovely.
  • There is 1, and only 1 direct reference to justice league and that’s the way I like it.
  • It almost had an impactful message, but so many things happen that we just kinda forgot about it.
  • Super minor spoiler, but what’s up with movies ALWAYS having a crazy media guy who is a conspiracy theory being interviewed who is obviously right. I just hate that trope in movies, it adds nothing. It’s inconsequential. It’s not even good for exposition.
  • Black Manta looked fantastic, had an interesting origin story and was also not needed in this movie.
  • You’ll understand when you see the movie, but this was actually antagonists reactions in general:

My point: Go watch this movie in a big screen, is worth it. It’s not better or more important than Wonder Woman, but it has a better third act. Though it feels like it has a musical theater minus the music type of ending.


It’s fun! Watch.

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