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Last month archaeologists uncovered a sealed 2,600 year old tomb in Tuscany, Italy and found two skeletons. One skeleton lay with a lance and the other, partially incinerated, was with several pieces of jewelry and a bronze box.

Originally, due to what the skeletons were buried with, the archaeologists assumed it to be a warrior and his wife. However, recent bone analysis has shown that the warrior to be a 35-40 years old woman and the 'wife' to be male. Alessandro Mandolesi, the archaeologist in charge of the excavation told the news that the spear was a symbol of their union.


Judith Weingarten, an alumni of British School of Athens dismissed this explanation, pointing out the lance was buried with the woman.

"Until very recently, and sadly still in some countries, sex determination is based on grave goods. And that, in turn, is based almost entirely on our preconceptions. A clear illustration is jewelry: We associate jewelry with women, but that is nonsense in much of the ancient world," Weingarten said. "Guys liked bling, too."

We don't know the answer for sure, unless we find a time machine. I find Weingarten's idea that she was the warrior to be more likely. Personally I like the idea it may have been a trans couple. Trans people and third gender people are scattered throughout all the world and history including the ancient world. They are often dismissed as gay or impersonators and with the haze of history it can be hard to concretely prove how a person identified.

Via LiveScience

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