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Are these the protagonists of The Walking Dead game's Second Season?

Telltale have started posting vine-teases of potential new characters for the follow up to their immensely successful series of adventure games set in the Walking Dead Comic Universe. But are Vince and Bonnie the new Lee and Clementine?

The Vines, titled 'Day 02' for Vince and 'Day 220' for Bonnie, appear to show an unknown character posting their pictures and names to a missing persons board - the first series was set in the first few months of the zombie apocalypse, but this seems to imply that we might join series 2 almost a year into things. Telltale recently promised something before Season 2 started later this year to tide people over, so it remains to see whether Vince and Bonnie will show up in that, or as part of Season 2's new emotionally invested zombie chowder cast members.


Here's the two Vines in their full, 6-second-loop glory:

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