I make it no secret that I thought Age of Ultron was a very weak movie and the third worst Marvel film (the worst being Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 in my opinion). I know a lot of people disagree with me on this and that’s perfectly alright.

One problem I am having though is how the Marvel staff and some fans have been making excuses for the films short comings, especially as we wouldn’t except these excuses on other works.


Spoilers for Age of Ultron ahead. Also, I apologies in advance. This is not meant to be a personal attack on anyone and I appreciate if you disagree with me.

The first is how the filmmakers somehow think explaining their plotholes in other material is somehow a good excuse. Take what Kevin Feige said when asked about how Nick Fury managed to find a working Helicarrier:

Now, when Nick Fury goes away and comes back with a Helicarrier, that seems like a big chunk of off screen story. Is that something we might see referenced on SHIELD?

Feige: I think it’s fair to say you could fill in some of those blanks in the coming weeks on Tuesday at 9.

You know what this is, lazy writing. This is Star Trek 2009, “let’s only explain the villain’s motivation in the comic” lazy. Why should I have to watch something else just to get an explanation? I don’t watch Agents of Shield, I don’t like Agents of Shield and you know what, I am never watching Agents of Shield now because I’m not going to endorse and reward such lazy tactics.

It’s also something I have feared the MCU was going to do for a longtime. They’ve deliberately took an element of the movie out, hurting it in the process and crammed it into AOS. You know, that show that isn’t shown everywhere the film is? That show that has a fraction of the audience? The show that has no non-English speaking version? Yeah, I can’t see any problem with this.


This is transmedia at its worse, when you force your audience to watch other stuff to make sense of your own work. We’re in the on-disk DLC era of Blockbuster film making, where you can never have a completed film because we cut content to promote others.

This leads me to the extended cut. Apparently, this version will explain many of the plot holes as well as fix the pacing and editing issues with the film. Question though, if you had a better version of the film, why didn’t you release that in theaters?


Why do I have to spend three to four times the price of a movie ticket just so I can watch your “intended” version? That’s not only lazy, but also an incredibly shady practice that we really shouldn’t be indorsing. At least with things like the Lord of the Rings extended cuts or the Aliens & Terminator 2 Special Editions. They came out long after the initial theatrical releases and their original counterparts actually felt like complete products.

Even if this version does fix a lot of the holes, so what? That doesn’t excuse the theatrical cut for being messy. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re making fans spend more for a finished product.


Lastly, the whole, “it’s a comic book movie” excuse. I really hate this excuse because it really boils down to a re-worded version of f*** you.

First of all, it implies that all superhero stories are exactly the same which is completely untrue because that would be boring and ignores thousands of comics. It also somehow implies that superheroes are inherently bad which is also not true. Finally, again so what? It’s still a bad film. Would you argue the terribleness of the Dune film with, “It’s a Sci-Fi film”?


Off topic: I’ve just noticed Black Window’s costume in the above picture has red neon instead of the blue that it has in the movie.