Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Are we heading for a Movie genre Armageddon?

So i was over at the 9 reading about James Cameron's threat of an avatar movie every year for the rest of our lives, and i started thinking..........


Is this a good thing? an answer to all my geeky dreams? To have all these fantastic movie's (at least in theories) coming out? Spectacles of galaxies far far away, of 100 foot alien monsters fighting super robots?

or will the geek-gasim completely dry up?

just consider this:

Disney also claimed they will be cramming a Star Wars related movie down our throats, every year for the next 50 yrs. of course you will also have the Marvel-verse that before to long will be putting a movie out every month. (I don't think i am exaggerating here, again we are talking about the marketing machine that is Disney, and they know how to wring every penny out of their products)


Add franchises like Star Trek, Pacific Rim (apparently), Terminator, ID4, what ever Tolken short stories that can be turned into 6 movie spectaculars, etc, etc, etc.....

Again i ask: is this a good thing?

look folks, i love my sci-fi/fantasy/superhero movies as much as the next person. But when you over saturate your audience, they become "meh" to your product. now maybe its not your company/franchises fault when your numbers come in so poorly that you loose your shirt. but eventually it will happen.


It has happened:

the 90's comic book boom was huge, crazy amounts of comics were shilled out monthly, and the fans were eating it up. instead of being satisfied with that, what did they say?


"These snot nose punks want to spend their money! then we are going to sap every lawn dollar and bag boy dime we can get! mwahahahahahahah!" (actual quote by the way)

Out comes the unnecessary sequels, the shelves filled with multiple covers, special foil, guest artist, guest star comics are far as the eye can see. i believe the general consensus of that time is that it was rife with amateur writing, gimmick stories and art work that reflect the mean age of employed artist to hover around 12 yrs old.


eventually even the fan boy population realized how infantile comics had become and they had enough. as such the whole House of cards came crumbling down.

Now our Movie world is heading down that same road.

Those of you who can remember the openings of the first Star Wars remember the Lines that people stood in for hours upon hours, how excited people were to stand in the line, the sun beating down on your neck as you loose 35lbs of water weight......


The excitement built from having to wait 3 or 4 years for a continuation of this story you so love. do you remember that? or how about any movie sequel or series that you had to wait longer then a week for the next part to get put out.

Now what if the original Star Wars trilogy came out in less then a three year period, at the same time that the Terminator trilogy, the first three Alien's, and the first three Star Trek's all came out at the same time in the same way?


How would you feel about it then?

now, for the hell of it throw in all 5 Tolken movies.

Thats what its gonna be like folks.

Sure in the beginning, it'll be great! it'll be our kid geek dreams come true!

but really, after the novelty runs out, and your burnt out on mutants and blue aliens and dancing robots and socially awkward monsters and exploding planets, then what?


will you stick out?

"Damn it i am a fan! I will stand my ground until Indy becomes a Nazi!"

It's admirable, i'll admit, but sadly you will be part of a minority. a vociferous minority, granted, but a minority none the less.


As more and more of our favorite genre films come out, the more that the market will be watered down. saturated with Cameron troupe, Abram's light flares and Snyder.....what whatever the hell Snyder is doing.

Sure we have quality movies that we get thrown every once in awhile like scraps of meat to starving dogs. but for every Blomkamp or Cuaron there are 100 Micheal Bay's or Roland Emmerich's


Seriously, the general viewing public, that can be finicky as it is, will not be able to sustain this glut and our little corner of the universe will hit a wall, THE wall.

the same wall the comic book industry hit when it's bubble broke.

The same damn wall everyone has been screaming about with superhero films over the last 5 or so years.


well guys, i think we are seeing the beginning of the end right here.

Most importantly remember; Armageddon is a good thing, it is renewal, a fresh beginning like a phoenix from the fire


By the time the smoke clears, it will be a wasteland of substandard scripts, jersey shore level acting, and rushed special effects created on a hot wired commodore 64.

But fear not my fellow deckers there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a promise of a new day that will rise from the ashes of corporate movie greed. a movie world not made of money grubbing franchises but of well produced films that make you feel like the first time you read the opening lines of "20000 leagues under the sea":

“The year 1866 was signalized by a remarkable incident, a mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon, which doubtless no one has yet forgotten”


(or whatever your first favorite book was)

The comic industry again provides the proof:

After its down fall, after so many companies went under, so many comic books cancelled, there was a renaissance, an influx of great writers and new artists started building up from the rubble some of the best stuff that has been done in 50 years. the industry is sustainable now, profitable with out gimmick. (well definitely not as much at least)


Perhaps if the will of the God's (or the slimy Aliens that keep abducting our farm folk) is in our favor we will get to live long enough to see the breaking of a new dawn, and we will finally get to see the quality cinema that we all dream about.

So what do you think, i'm i on base here or am i late for my Thorazine cocktail?

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