Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

...and should we be concerned?

So I guess Sherlock Holmes is an archetype that currently has the zeitgeist by the throat. An extraordinarily gifted (usually intellectually) man who is also incomprehensible/abrasive/alien in some way (rarely a woman - Bones is the only example that comes to mind) paired with a more ordinary but warmer or generally more socially/emotionally capable partner (occasionally, team). Together, they solve crime!


Granted, there's plenty of other tropes and characters out there that are still about and constantly getting remade and recycled - Three Musketeers, Arthurian Legends, fairytales, superheroes - but Holmes in particular seems to me to be more omnipresent and more under-the-skin, so to speak. He's been updated, deconstructed, reimagined, subverted, taken to extremes and then taken to other extremes in a way that I don't think I see quite as much of with any other iconic character.

The question is, are we going to be done at some point? Will we move on? Will there be less Sherlock Holmes? Are we going to be facing shortages and should we be taking steps to reduce consumption? Who is going to step in to fill his shoes as the guy (or gal) that has a dozen expensive fanfics dominating the pop-culture landscape?

(FYI, my vote, if I had one, would be on Robin Hood. Or maybe Don Quixote.)


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