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Are you a Panther that's pink?

It had to happen! There’s a quiz to gauge which Black Panther character fits your demenour. In fact there’s two, so you can get a second opinion.


According to the Beeb’s quiz, I’m Killmonger. I wasn’t keen on the movie Erik but the quiz masters seem to find his good points.

You got Erik Killmonger!

If there was a word to describe Erik Killmonger it would probably be “misunderstood”. You are extremely passionate about your beliefs and have a clear vision of what you think the world should be like, which can sometimes be intimidating for others. You have a strong personality and a remarkable abilty to win people over. You are always willing to stand up for what you believe is right even if it means you stand alone.

But then there is this probe at Popbuzz ...


And this time I’m Okoye. Okie-doke!


You’re Okoye. You would make an incredible warrior. Your instincts are second to none and you’re always ready with a clever quip. 


So which Panther’s are you?

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