Folks, the biggest event of the summer is coming up soon in Atlanta, Georgia. I am of course refering to DragonCon, less a convention and more of a city wide invasion.

I made it to my first DragonCon last year. For years my friend who lived in Atlanta for years kept trying to get me to go but I never had money or time. When he asked me to be his best man at his wedding which was held in May I knew that this would be the best chance to hang out and catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in years. I have been to large cons before. Anime Boston was one I went to for years when I was living in Maine. DragonCon is...different.

It helps to think of DragonCon as less of a convention and more like Las Vegas if you removed the gambling, added nerds and had the same amount of booze. 5 hotels with a single building just for vendors, it occupies downtown Atlanta. The highlight is the parade that runs through downtown on Saturday.


One thing you learn is that no matter what you want to see, there will be a line. Embrace the line and prepare to be in one for a good chunk of the weekend. Know you will not see everything you want to see. Plan ahead and be prepared to make hard choices.


The beauty of this convention is that no matter what you are into, you will find it represented here. You can follow a track of programming for a particular subject or fandom or bounce around. There is anime, fantasy,sci-fi, gaming,videos, and it goes on and one. The Walk Of Fame lets you get autographs from some of the biggest names in nerd fandom.

I won’t go on any further. I just love this con so much and I would love to organize a get together for O-Deckers who might be there. If you will be there and are interested, let me know. Also feel free to share your DragonCon stories. I would love to hear them.