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Are You Listening To No Such Thing As A Fish

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No Such Thing As A Fish is a wonderful podcast by the people behind the facts of the British television show QI: Quite Interesting. The show itself is very good, very informative, and very funny. Sadly, as far as I know there is no “legal” way to watch it in the US unless you buy the dvds and have a player that can play said dvds.


But even if you don’t watch the show, the podcast is just as good if not better. Sorry Stephen and Alan. The podcast includes a regular cast of four of the “QI elves”. There are a few here and there that have guest appearances or stand ins for one of the regulars. Most of the shows are done in their office, though they have been getting into live performances (which I love a lot more because of the lack of editing).

If you love strange facts then I highly recommend this podcast. And the reason I’m just mentioning it is because Anna, one of the main elves mentioned io9 on the latest episode. I don’t usually get star struck (and I’ve met some pretty big stars) but for some reason knowing that she has been on io9 made me a bit giddy. ...I guess that’s just how much I enjoy this podcast?

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