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ARGH, Castle Finale

I know, kind off-topic, but I know some people here watch it so... SPOILERS.

Okay, fuck that ending. Fuck it really hard. Most of the episode was fine. Fun, if a little tropey, but exactly what I expect from Castle.


Do they expect us for one second to believe that they'd kill off the guy the show is named after? Nope. Nope. Noooo. So there's zero emotional investment in it. Zero.

And it's such fucking bulllshit. They've had so many roadblocks in the way to this wedding. So many. I liked them and they were realistic, because it's not always sunshine and butterflies. But this? This feels so cheap. Like just one more roadblock just because.

A happy ending would have been really nice, dammit. At least until next season when we'll do it all over again anyway.

Was Nathan's contract up or something? Make sure he doesn't ask for more money? The fandom can't have taken this well.

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