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Arrow 2.03: Restoration

Restoration, as in restoring the audience’s interest in the show, and that one other reason. This episode was really enjoyable and fixes some of the issues we were seeing starting to develop. Spoilers ahoy!

Does anyone notice that when Ollie does the “I’m the Green Arrow” speech, he isn’t saying it in his dark and gritty masked voice, but in his regular voice? I like it. So I’m going to split this up geographically as we have two important story-lines, Laurel, Thea, Merlyn, and Nyssa in Nanda Parbat, and Ollie, Diggs, and Felicity in Star City.


The Women (And Merlyn) In Nanda Parbat

Merlyn and Nyssa sparring. “I’m not sparring.” “I know, that’s what makes it so much fun.” Great rapport between the two of them, considering the circumstances. We see Merlyn using the waters to heal a minor would Nyssa inflicted up on his neck, which heals instantly.

They are then joined by Laurel and Thea, the later of whom Nyssa greets as ‘sister-in-law’ which is interesting, and I’m wondering if that is going to have implications later on in the story. The guard says they’ve also arrived with a coffin.


Laurel gets right to the point of asking to bring Sara back with the Lazarus Pit, saying she deserves it as Merlyn is the one who took her life. He says it’s different than what happened with Thea as Thea wasn’t all the way dead.


The pit hasn’t been used in ages to bring someone fully back from the dead, and even those are legends. Even Nyssa is on his side of not bringing her back. Merlyn points out that even if they did, it wouldn’t really be Sara that comes back, but he does say that he’s truly sorry for Laurel.

Nyssa tries to converse alone with Laurel, telling her she’s being selfish. Nyssa tells her that her father, and likely now Thea, paid a dark price for using the pit. She asks if Laurel wants to bring her sister back as a monster. Laurel says she believes the part of Sara they both love is the part she has to hope would come back. Nyssa says she’s accepted Sara’s death, and its time Laurel did too.


Meanwhile, Merlyn talks to Thea about her reactions to the pit, mostly the blood lust. Merlyn says she needs to feed the impulse to satiate the hunger. Thea of course is against this and gets angry at him. Merlyn then tells Thea about a sage in the mountains that is wise in ways of ancient healing. Merlyn says they will start at first light to find him.


Later that night we see the League members try to attack Thea in her sleep, no doubt sent by Merlyn to test her reflexes while also satiating her blood lust. Merlyn appears and Thea accuses him of lying about the Sage, which of course he was. Merlyn says she needs to keep killing until she kills the one who hurt her. She points out that Ra’s is already dead. Merlyn says that now she won’t feel the bloodlust for weeks, and that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to help his daughter.

Thea runs to Laurel and tells her they need to go, now. Merlyn follows and poor Laurel is just standing there as Thea rages against her father. Merlyn says that to gain Thea’s trust, he will restore Sara with the pit. He claims that if Thea is true about her willingness to fight the bloodlust, then she could wish that Sara be given that opportunity as well.


We then see the ceremony of resurrecting Sara. Nyssa interrupts, begging Laurel to reconsider. Even Thea asks if Laurel is sure this is what she wants. Laurel listens to nobody and continues. We see the waters gush, and for the briefest moments, it looks like it didn’t work, but then we see Sara rise.


She promptly goes wild and starts wanting to attack. League members restrain her while Merlyn drugs her. Emotions run high all around. Later on, Sara is restrained and we see that Laurel tries without success to talk and reassure her sister. Thea and Merlyn in turn try to comfort Laurel.

They’re then interrupted by a League member saying there’s something they need to attend to. That something is Nyssa, who is standing over the Pit. She tells them that her father devised a means to destroy the pit if it fell into unsavory hands, and she used just that. Now when she goes after Merlyn there would be no coming back for him. As the guards take her away Nyssa says that what happened to Sara before was on Merlyn’s hands, but what’s happening now is on Laurel’s.


The Original Team Arrow In Star City

Open with Felicity helping John chase after some HIVE bad guys. Diggs gets caught, bad guys points gun at him, but just leaves him there, which is odd. Green Arrow shows up on a motocross bike. Felicity remotely operates the heavy machinery somehow to trap one of them. John takes the cyanide away before guy can take it, but the bad guy incapacitates John and get away.


John gives Felicity the cyanide capsule to analyze, in the form of a part of a tooth filled with the poison. Felicity continues to try to be the bond holding the team together, inviting Ollie and John out for drinks, saying it’s been a long time since it was just the “original gangsters” as Felicity put it. John declines, still not fully on board with Ollie. Ollie says he’s done trying to get Diggs to come around.

John returns to find a stranger in his home, while his wife and daughter are out. He is an Argus agent who owes Lyla a favor, he has the ID for the man who hired Deadshot to assassinate his brother, a woman named Mina Fayad, who flew in from Markovia recently.


We then see Fayad visiting Darhk, with a guest requested by HIVE. Asked what he does, he replies, plays cards. We then see the guy that Diggs took the cyanide capsule from, who Darhk is disappointed in for not following orders to die before being captures. Darhk asks for a demonstration. Three playing cards that appear to be razor sharp enters the guys chest. (I have to say, not that impressed, that was all of what? 3 meters?) Darhk hires him to take out the Green Arrow and his team.


Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity has been fast at work with the cyanide filled tooth, which has half the genetic markers it should have. Ollie takes on a case that Felicity said is ‘below his pay grade’. Diggs is stalking Fayad, and doesn’t answer Felicity’s call, which means Ollie is flying solo.

Then we see the Green Arrow face off against the meta-human who pulls the cards straight off his skin. They have a good back and forth ranged battle before ollie brings it in close where he definitely has the advantage. Then when Ollie gets the meta on the ground, he hits him unawares. Eventually Ollie retreats with one of the cards piercing his bicep.


Meanwhile, Diggs is made by one of Fayat’s body guards and they face off, and she’s alerted to his presence and he comes under fire. They shoot it out while Fayat drives away. 

Back in the Arrow Cave we see Felicity patching up Ollie while filling in Diggs on what happened. Even when Cisco isn’t there he names their bad meta-human, Double Down. Diggs apologizes for not being there, and Felicity lectures them both about going up against enemies without back up. I like it when Felicity gets this way, lecturing them on things that should seem obvious. If anyone is the audience stand in, it’s her.


Felicity then says that neither one is leaving until they both work out their differences, threatening to bring back Miricuru soldiers to knock some sense into them if they don’t. Meanwhile, she’s taking the card to a scientist as Palmer Industries to see if they can learn anything about how Double Down’s powers work.

Diggs tells Ollie isn’t not about forgiveness, it’s about forgiveness, it’s about how broken their relationship is because of what Ollie did to Lyla. That that feeling of comradery between them is gone, so even when they’re in the field together, they aren’t working together. Ollie says he understands that he lost Diggs trust, but he doesn’t understand why he won’t let him earn it back.


Then they move onto the case, with Diggs asking about the Meta, and Ollie telling him there is a new player on the board, a woman. Diggs says they need to go, someplace where Diggs is going to try and trust Ollie again.

At Star Labs we see Felicity dropping by on out new Merlyne Felicity, Curtis, and they have a bit of an awkward conversation about their technological advances. We see Felicity’s phone acting odd, apparently it’s been doing that for a while. Maybe there’s a microscopic bug in it trying to send her a message. She gives him the card, claiming it was from a casino, which he of course isn’t buying mostly because she knows nothing about poker and it shows.


Diggs takes Ollie back to his places, and tells him the rest of the story about what happened two years ago in Russia when they got Deadshot out of the prison, about how he was hired specifically to kill his brother by the organization the HIVE. Diggs also tells him about the Fayad.

Darhk tells off Double Down for failing to kill Green Arrow, and then Fayad for being exposed when she tried to intervene on his behalf. Darhk demands another demonstration, telling Double Down to try and kill him. Darhk stops the card in midair, then uses it to slit the throat of Fayad.


This is also the first time we hear of PROJECT GENESIS. Any ideas comic book fans?


Back in the Arrow Cave, we see Felicity trying to find Fayat, at a building at Reddman and 8th using her cell phone to track her. The men find her tied up to a chair, nonresponsive, with one of Double Down’s cards between her teeth. Seeing that their one lead is gone, Diggs and Ollie finally seem to be renewing their friendship again with a new common goal.

Back at Star Labs Felicity checks in with Curtis. He points out how ironic her name is, which is pretty funny. Her phone against starts acting strange, again. He points out that it isn’t an actual playing card, as it displays traits of human skin. Felicity says the “responsible thing to do” would be to get it back to its rightful owner, and asks if he can track that person down.


The ink is tattoo ink, which apparently contains Magnetite, which works similar to a compass in terms of attraction to its souse. Which means Double Down could trace the card right to them, which he does, demanding they tell him where to find the Green Arrow. Felicity and Curtis make it to a secret elevator, and he’s freaking out just a bit.

Curtis: “Since when are you such a badass?”

Felicity: “Since always.”

Felicity gives him the short version of how she’s part of team arrow. Then she brings him to the Arrow cave, where she finds a gun and fires it while looking in the complete opposite direction so of course she misses although she does a lot of damage to their hideout in the process.


Double Down flees, and Curtis appears to be hurt. Ollie and Diggs find her there, and she tells them what happened.

“You fended him off?”

“Don’t sound so surprised.”

Felicity got right to work using the card to tract it back to him, as he looks like he’s heading back to Central City.


Back in Star City, Green Arrow and Diggs head off Double Down. He says he was going to “Call it a draw” and skip town. The battle is short, and ends with Double Down tied up. Diggs tries to intimidate him in to talking, and Double Down says he’s not nearly as scared of Diggs as he is of Ollie, then launches a card at him. Ollie dives to take the hit for Diggs, and Diggs beats the shit out of him.

“You took a bullet for me.”

“They were meta-human, tattooed, playing cards.”

“Still counts Oliver, still counts.”

The original members of Team Arrow finally get that drink now that Cisco had Double Down locked up in Iron Heights, although he still is too afraid of Darhk to talk. They discuss the need for a new lair, now that Double Down likely told Darhk about the location for the old-new one. Olliver says he was working on something, clarifying it’s not a secret, it’s a surprise.


Then Curtis is cleaning up his work area at Star Labs when Felicity finds him. He tells her that he isn’t telling anyone what really happened there, but instead that an experiment had some unpredictable results. Curtis is glad he was helping save the city, as that is why he joined Palmer Tech. Felicity finally realizes that the bug in her phone is a message as it spells out her name. Finally.


Flashback Land on Lian Yu

Ollie is a new security guard on the island, guarding enslaved people and tackling one to the ground who tried to run away. He doesn’t want to hurt him, but the other soldier does it for him. The soldier says Ollie is too soft of the workers, and that could be a problem. They then hear that some of the “product” is missing, so they round up all the workers. He shoots them one at a time, saying he won’t stop until someone comes forward. Ollie of course says there’s another way: pain. We see him torturing the workers, which works as now a woman comes forward saying she took the product to help the workers with pain. Ollie doesn’t want the other soldier to kill her, so he says to just take her away where no one will know what happens to her. Ollie leads her into the woods with absolutely no intention of killing her. The other soldier who went with him steps on a landmine and dies.


Assorted Musings

Ray Palmer is back, and I’m wonder how he’s survived this long as far as nourishment and stuff


I’m glad that Felicity told off Ollie and Diggs for their attitudes.

I’m glad that Nyssa took the stance against resurrecting Sara, someone had to.

Merlyn continues to fluctuate between liking and hating him.

Please don’t ever give Felicity a weapon again.

Two more episodes until the Constantine one. Also the summary says “Olliver call his friend John Constantine when things go bad for Sara” suggesting they already have some sort of relationship, which is weird.

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