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Fair warning: This recap is half-assed. I had a 3-hour derby practice that may or may not have ended with a torn muscle. So I was pretty exhausted when I sat down to watch the show. We will have some interesting discussion nonetheless! CONSTANTINE IS BACK! Spoilers ahoy!

“Like that game from Harry Potter?”

We open with a Sara, who is still crazy from the pit, but still sane enough to remember that a big part of what she did as the Canary was defend women who needed defending. She kicks the ass of two guys who tried to assault a woman. Then she turns on the woman as well, but the cops show up before she can do some real damage and she flees. She also speaks a foreign language.


At Ollie’s new office we see Thea introducing Ollie to his new political strategist. He wants to address the skeletons in Ollie’s closet (though he doesn’t know the half of it) his personal Chappaquiddick. (The scandal not the Harry Potter game that is called Quidditch.)

Ollie points out that the town is going to be more focused on the chaos around them then any scandals in his past. Hive’s running around doing who-knows-what. There’s a woman in Pennytown just running around killing people. The strategist disagrees and says that Ollie needs to distance himself from Laurel because she’s a constant reminder of the scandal involving the Queen’s Gambit.

(Honestly I’m with Ollie on this one. He cheated on his college girlfriend 6 years ago, and Sara didn’t actually die.)

“Seriously, any of you squabblers got a cigarette?”

I was thinking that I wasn’t even going to recap the flashback since there hasn’t been anything interesting there then BAM! CONSTANTINE IN THE FLASHBACKS! I knew it said they were old friends in the summary, but I wasn’t expecting that.


Anyways, Jerk-face (I don’t remember his name) attempts to out Ollie as a spy based on the comm gear and the circumstantial evidence that it all starts happening when he arrived. So he takes Ollie to Jerk-face #2 who is beating a man for sneaking into their territory. That man is John Constantine.


Woman Sara didn’t kill is being interviewed by the police, and Lance puts it together that the woman who has been killing people is Sara. He confronts Laurel, who does not own up to her mistake or the fact that she didn’t tell anyone that she was loose.

Felicity is at Palmer Tech needing a favor from Curtis, who is breaking out of the “male version of Felicity” role just a little bit:

Curtis: “Felicity, look at me. Gym clothes, gym bag—Do either of those suggest anything to you?”

Felicity: “Physical fitness, but then I remembered you’re a tech guy.”

Curtis: “I’m also a Bronze Medal decathlete.”

Felicity: “Bronze medal, huh?”

Curtis: “Beijing, 2008.”

Felicity: “Beijing, as in the Olympics?”

I don’t think Curtis got the credit he deserved for this one, but that scene was also kind of weird. Anyways, Felicity has Ray Palmer’s recording and wants him to check it out since there’s something off about it. He agrees to check it out.


Lance meets with Darhk about getting access to a Federal server farm that Darhk needs access to.


“This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak”

Ollie is training with Thea, and notices that her spa weekend getaway really improved her fighting technique. Wonder how long that will last before bloodlust sets in again. Talk turns to the advice of the strategist, which Ollie didn’t mind, but Thea really doesn’t like claiming it doesn’t feel like they’re united if you pretend you don’t know who your friends are.


Felicity communicated via a new, and pretty cool, PA system that there is a crazy blonde woman that has been spotted in Pennytown. Ollie and Thea suit up to track her down. Black canary beats them there and attempts to restrain her. Green Arrow Saves Black Canary from her, but hesitates when he sees Sara’s face.


Ollie confronts Laurel and Thea about Sara, figuring out what happened in a matter of minutes. So maybe he’s not the worst crime fighter at investigating. Laurel tells Ollie that she’s not only got the bloodlust from the Pit, but she isn’t herself either. Ollie gets mad for her keeping secrets, playing with forces that she doesn’t understand, and presumably

Constantine in the flashbacks has a map of the island and Jerk-face #2 wants Ollie (who knows the island) and Jerk-face #1 (who needs to keep an eye on Ollie) to find whatever it is the map leads to. Constantine does a bit of magic to get out of his handcuffs, and kidnaps Ollie to take him to where he needs to go.


Lance goes to Ollie to talk about Sara, totally freaking out. He also shows Felicity what Darhk gave him and what he’s supposed to do with it. Ollie doesn’t want Lance to go alone, so he sends him to Diggs. Diggs is understandably not on board with helping Lance help the organization that killed his brother. Lance gives him the story of how it all happened, and the threats on Laurel. Diggs agrees because, like Ollie, he thinks Lance working with them is going to be the in they need to bring them down.

“Last thing I want, Judgement for tonight.”

Ollie and Felicity have a couple’s moment where they tell each other about their days, and their feelings, and their hopes and fears. The only important part of the discussion was when they realize what the two girls Sara attacked have in common: they look like Thea. (I guess I was wrong about her targeting men praying on women and then just turning on the women.)


The ignores the warning call, right before Sara breaks down her door. She’s saying “Ho-wa an-tea” if that means anything to anybody. Sara almost kills Thea, and busts up the apartment in the process. Thea gets away by slicing Sara’s face with glass.

When Thea was talking to Malcom about the bloodlust, he told her that she would have to kill the person who almost killed her, Ras, in order for it to subside. He knew that that was a side effect of the Lazarus Pit. Why didn’t he realize that it would also mean that Sara would go after Thea? Great parenting there Mal.


Thea ends up in the hospital, where Ollie and Felicity are visiting. Thea tells them that Sara is going through the same thing she is-and that she isn’t really ‘getting better’, but that it subsided because she killed two guys.


Laurel arrives and Ollie takes her aside. Laurel calls Ollie a hypocrite because he used the pit on Thea and is mad that she did the same for Sara. Ollie (rightfully) points out that Thea wasn’t dead, but Sara was. Tensions rise, again. Yay. I’m starting to really dislike Laurel again after only recently liking her as a character.

Constantine and Ollie arrive at their destination. Constantine picks some magic berries or plant or something and casts a spell that reveals a trap door. “What you never seen magic before?” he asks Ollie.


“Good thing you’re not in charge anymore.”

Lance and Diggs make it to the data farm and plug in Darhk’s plug, and realize that it’s deleting files on people. Diggs sees his brother’s name on the file that got erased and frantically tries to see what it was. Alarms ring, Lance pistol-whips Diggs over the head and tells the cops that respond that he just apprehended a hacker and they should go get back up. Not the worst cover story.


Thea is recovering when Laurel visits her in order to apologize. Thea tells her about how the bloodlust works, driving her to kill the one who killed her. Laurel reassures her that if the only way to save Sara is to let her kill Thea then that’s no cure at all.

After the lights go out Thea gets another visitor, Sara. Thea tells her that she understands what she needs to do, and that she’s okay with it. Sara then chokes her. Ollie and Laurel are outside talking. Fascinating. Ollie responds to Thea’s screams just in time to save Thea before Sara jumps out the window.


The team regroups in the Quiver to come up with a new plan. That plan is to use Thea as bait. Flawless.

Back on the Island, Constantine doesn’t explain magic to Ollie while leading him through a mysterious tunnel. He finds what he’s looking for, which is a scepter of some sort. It triggers a trap when he removes it from the stone, King Arthur style, that Ollie saves him from.


“You sticking around for a cupcake or something?”

Lance confronts Darhk about the mission he had him do, saying he saw some of the names that got erased, and that they’re all military. He asked why he was erasing those particular records. Darhk outright tells him, because he was such a good boy. They had those men, including Andrew Diggle, assassinated.


The trap is set, with the whole team surrounding Thea at the old Verdant. Sara arrives and starks attacking Thea when they surround her, and Diggs takes Thea away. Ollie hits her with a tranquilizer arrow. Then he calls in that favor that Constantine owes him, telling him to get to Star City as soon as he can manage.


Constantine arrives as soon as the commercial break is over, which is pretty damn fast if you ask me. He tells the team that Sara needs a restitutionem, the restoration of a soul to the body. Constantine gives his list of necessary supplies to Felicity, who states she’s just happy the latest person from Ollie’s past isn’t another gorgeous woman. Fair point.

Constantine rigs up the necessaries for the ceremony, with Felicity’s help. Constantine says that he needs two people to enter the other side with him to bring Sara back. Thea volunteers and is denied for obvious reasons, then Ollie and Laurel step forward.


Constantine does his thing, and the three of them find themselves on the other side, all dressed in their heroes get-up because reasons. Laurel runs off when she hears Sara’s voice, which gets them nowhere, so Constantine summons something to help guide them. The find the otherworldly counterpart to the Lazarus Pit where they see Sara trapped. Constantine swordfights and casts some magic on the attackers while Laurel an Ollie work to free Sara.


They succeed, return to reality, and Sara is back to her old self again. I have to say it was pretty anti-climactic. I expected something with a little more umph to it, and especially a better use of Constantine’s character. John leaves shortly afterwards, but first he gives Ollie some advice for dealing with Darhk, “just leave town while you still can.”


“Propitious timing.”


You’re not wrong Thea.

Ollie and Thea have a touching brother, sister moment.

Back on the island, Constantine tells Ollie that what he got was the Orb of Horus, which is a Grimoire. He assures Ollie that he intends to keep it in a safe place. Then he offers to take Ollie off the island with him. Ollie declines wanting to save the enslaved people. Constantine transfers one of his tattoo spells to Ollie, for added insurance for him. Then he punches him for his ‘escape attempt’.


Back at the office for Oliver Queen for Mayor, Laurel semi-apologizes to Ollie for her behavior and thanks him for saving her sister. They make up. Huzzah.

Lance goes to Diggs and tells him what Darhk said about Andrew, and gives him a folder about his actions that were less than upstanding. Diggs leafs though it, in disbelief.


Curtis is downing a ton of caffeinated beverages of some kind when Felicity checks in on him. His work was a success and he was able to make something of Ray’s message. Ray says it’s his fault for screwing around with his exosuit and nanotechnology, then says what she really needs to know is that he’s alive, and in trouble.

Assorted Musings

  • Constantine used a dead peacock feather to scratch his back. A Peacock is the mascot for NBC, coincidence? I THINK NOT.
  • I like that they left it a bit open for another Constantine appearance, even though it doesn’t seem likely.
  • So who wants to do the odds on Curtis being Mr. Terrific?
  • I’m starting to think the grave is Thea’s now. Her willingness to die to help Sara, the battle with the bloodlust, that girl might have a death wish. (I hope I’m wrong though, I love Thea’s character at this point, and Willa Holland NAILS the role.)
  • On the other hand, I don’t like when they try to focus on Laurel and deep issues, it just never works. She does better when she’s just a member of the team, and not the one in the spot light.
  • Wondering if there’s more to Ollie’s campaign strategist than meets the eye.
  • The person in control of the island in the flashbacks is Reiter, known the comics as Baron Blitzkrieg.
  • Constantine eventually uses the Eye of Horus in his own series. I’m also wondering if there’s a connection there to Hawkgirl and her mythos.

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