Last night I praised Flash for benching the title character and letting their supporting cast shine. I wish Arrow would have followed that example, and this episode would have been stronger for it. Spoilers ahoy!

“Is everything always this big?”

We start the episode off with a good ol’ fashion bank job. Good guys swoop in, beat the bad guys, save the day. We get to see the Canary Cry, Thea fighting the Pit’s Bloodlust, and Green Arrow and Digs just doing their thing. Except they might have stopped the HIVE from stealing the money, but that’s not what they were after. The money was a relief from the government to Star City bank, as long as they don’t get the money they don’t care what happens to it-so they burn it.

Back at the Quiver, the team tries to figure out the HIVE’s motive for destroying the city. Ollie thinks it’s because they need a base of operations, and what better place than a dead city. Diggs and Ollie stay after the rest leave and go through Digg’s brother’s record that Lance got from Darhk. Diggs appears to be uncomfortable about what the records shows about him, but Ollie says he deserves a benefit of a doubt.

Felicity brings Ray on board with fighting HIVE, now that he’s got his freedom back-though it doesn’t seem like he wants to legally brought back from the dead yet. Felicity shows him the tooth and they get to work. Apparently it was selectively degraded-possibly to scramble the DNA markers. It was likely done by Wolfman Biologics who was a patent on the chemicals found on the tooth.

At Ollie’s campaign we hear that he’s going to a gala in which he has to give a keynote saying that while the police are doing a fine job, that they need help. Sounds like a fine line for him to walk. We also see Ollie and Alex debate about a project to clean up Star City Bay. Thea ignores a call form her father, but Ollie takes one from Felicity and they both take off.


But not before Alex and Thea have a moment when Alex gets nervous that Ollie knows about the two of them dating. Thea assures him he doesn’t know and he’s not the boss of her anyways.

“Even death is not permanent anymore.”

The team infiltrates Wolfman Biologic’s using info that Felicity hacked. Their objective is to find the chemicals used to degrade the bone so they can figure out how to restore it. (Is anyone buying the science behind this one? Seriously?)


Anyways, four HIVE agents show up and the Arrows take them on in hand-to-hand while Black Canary and Diggs search for the compound, but are found by one of the HIVE agents. Then when the Arrows need help, Felicity sends Black Canary, while Diggs goes to unmask the agent that he knocked down. The reveal that should have been way more dramatic than it was: It was Digg’s brother, Andy. The one we were told HIVE had assassinated.

Back at the Quiver, the team tries to reassure Diggs that Andy could be a victim of HIVE, and that he deserves the benefit of a doubt that he’s still a good person. Felicity points out that last month a HIVE agent had the chance to shoot Diggs and didn’t, and that maybe it was because that agent was Andy. Diggs isn’t liking it though, because of the file and because of what Andy’s doing now.

Lance gets called into see Darhk. He suspects that Lance called the meeting before to have one member of Green Arrow’s team follow him to find their location. Which he did. He warns Lance that the death of his daughter isn’t the worst thing he can threaten him with.


Malcolm shows up to ‘help’ Thea, because he knows that the control she had over the bloodlust must be waning by now. He gives her a file of a man who sounds like a complete monster-pedophile with multiple accusations, but no convictions-and encourages her to go after him. Thea says she doesn’t want him or his advice and that she wants him gone.

“Resurrected siblings are kind of in my wheel house.”

We see the team at the gala then, including Diggs who Ollie gives the night off since he has a professional security detail tonight. Then we get the Felicity line of the night: (Especially with the reaction of the woman who overheard!)


Ollie gives his speech, thanking the police department for all their hard work, especially in the troubled times the city is facing. He keeps it short and sweet. Lance and him have a moment aside afterwards.

Lance: “Not bad. Not quite as powerful as the Green Arrow’s, but not bad.”

Ollie: “Yeah? Maybe I should get him to endorse me.”

With the joking out of the way they get down to business. Ollie asks if Lance can find Andy’s location (though he doesn’t mention him by name) but Lance tells him that he doesn’t know if he can since Darhk suspects him. Then he also tells him that when Darhk called him in he saw plans for something about slip 52 down at the docks.


We see Laurel trying to get Diggs to open up a bit about his brother, pointing out that she saw her sister brought back from the dead. Plus they were both members of secret groups of killers, so there’s that. Diggs does open up a bit, because he is hurting, especially when he thinks of his nephew and the dark times that came after Andy’s death. It was a great moment for both Laurel and Diggs.

But this night is about Ollie, because everything is. We see him doing some meet-and-greet when he’s approached by a Mr. Darhk who has some ideas on how he can contribute to his mayoral campaign, in more ways than just financially either. Ollie rightly points out that he is running unopposed, so he’s not sure why he needs Darhk to help him win.


Darhk gives Ollie a speech likely similar to what he gave Lance before Lance realized what kind of person he really was. About understanding what’s really wrong with the city and how they can work together to save it. Ollie asks what Darhk what he really wants, which is to give up the project on cleaning up the bay, and says that if he refuses he would no longer be running unopposed.

“Remember the last time you tried to take down an evil organization from the inside?”

Back at the quiver we hear Felicity listing off all the horrible idea’s Ollie’s had over the last three years, including dating the Huntress. She finishes the list by saying throwing in with Darhk beats them all. Ollie claims that he’s not throwing in with him, but trying to get some intel since Lance is no longer running without suspicion.


Felicity points out that it was Ollie, not the Green Arrow, who chose to run for mayor. And he did it to do something Green Arrow couldn’t. Not to take down Darhk, but to give the hope and inspiration for the city to recover from the hardships. Felicity points out that even if Ollie wants to go in to help save Andy, that there’s a lot they don’t know about that situation.

Meanwhile Thea is out a date with Alex. However when Alex steps out to take a call a creepy older dude starts hitting on Thea, who then loses control of her bloodlust and totally kicks his ass. In a bad way through. Seriously. Alex returns and is more than just a little freaked out.


Diggs is struggling on whether or not he should tell Carly that Andy isn’t dead. He thinks she’s better off not knowing. Lyla comfort him. Then they hear a knock at the door, and it’s Ollie. once they’re alone Ollie fills in Diggs on the dock situation, and the team offers to go in and try to find Andy. Diggs says he doesn’t want to play Russian Roulette and risk one of them for Andy. He relents, but only for Ollie, requesting Laurel and Thea stay behind.

“They call you ghosts, they have no idea how right they are.”

At the Docks we see Darhk addressing his men as Green Arrow and Diggs get into a good position to spy on them. Apparently all members of HIVE swallowed a pill of some sort that makes that cooperative. He orders them to kneel, but it’s not long until Green Arrow and Diggs are spotted and they open fire. Andy takes off his mask and is the one that gives the order to “kill the green one.”


We have a decent close combat fight scene between the connexes at the docks that leaves the HIVE agents scattered on the ground dead or unconscious and Green Arrow and Diggs escaping.

Back at the Quiver, Diggs apologizes for letting Ollie talk him into it. Ollie points out that they heard Darhk say he’s essentially using mind control, so there is some hope for Andy. Diggs says he doesn’t have the same blind spot for family like Ollie does. And the conversation turns to how Ollie is the one that needs this, that needs the hope that no matter what, everyone can return to the darkness.

Diggs brings up that this is the same thinking Ollie had with the events dealing with the League of Assassins last year, and that Ollie apparently hasn’t learned his lesson. He knows what Ollie’s planning about getting involved with Darhk and he is very opposed to the whole plan.


“Let’s take this bitch down in the light of day.”

At Ollie and Felicity’s place we see Ray had Curtis bring over some toys, and Ray has been busy at work on the tooth. Felicity fills him in a bit on the current events and then asks Ray why he’s stalling on coming back from the dead. Ray says he feels like Tom Sawyer at his own funeral, except there’s not as many nice things. The city he wanted to build a better future for is crumbling, the company he build up is failing, and if he wants to come back to life, he has to figure out what’s worth living for.

Then they get back on topic, and Ray says that restoring the tooth for DNA extraction was a bust. However, he did learn that the tooth had a high concentration of sodium fluoride, and they get a location: Muller Psychiatric Center.


At the quiver the team gears up. Ollie says that they don’t have the manpower to take down all the ghosts, and that they’re objective is to get Andy. Diggs is against the plan, but both Thea and Laurel are for it, because family is important to all of them. They all move out, leaving Diggs behind.

“My brother needed me. The Green one.”

They get into position around the run down looney bin which is crawling with at least 50 ghosts. Luckily, Curtis rigged up some type of camera that could ‘virtually unmask’ the ghosts so they can still tell which one is Andy. Then Green Arrow realizes that this isn’t just a base of operations after seeing military like crates marked G6:5.

Felicity: “Maybe they’re playing bingo.”

Oliver: “Let’s assume that’s not it.”

Felicity: “Deadly bingo.”

Both the ladies are spotted and begin to engage the ghosts. Speedy is the one who finds Andy and gets into some pretty good combat in the elevator and down the hall. She knocks him out, but he’s too heavy for her to move on her own.


The Atom shows up to lend a hand right as Darhk runs into Speedy, who he calls Merida. He says he recognizes her fighting style, and asks how Malcom is doing these days. He doesn’t care, of course. He then tries to use his powers to choke her, but it doesn’t work and he starts to feel pain in his hand. Speedy makes a speedy exit.


Green Arrow sends the Atom off to help Black Canary extract Andy, saying he can handle the men on his own. When one gets the drop on him, however, Diggs has his back. They all make it out and back to the Quiver. Diggs thanks the team for their help, and says he hopes that they’re right about Andy. Ollie says Diggs was also right, and that he’s not going to try and get close to Darhk to defeat him.


“Always happy to admit when I’m wrong.”

Thea relents and welcomes Malcolm back. She tells him that she isn’t going to take his advice on how to handle the bloodlust, but she’s found another way. She tells him about her run in with Darhk and that when he tried to use his powers on her, it backfired, and it took away her bloodlust. She wants Malcolm’s help to find a way to make that permanent.

Diggs makes time for a long overdue chat with his brother, who is being locked in a cage on the Quiver. Andy isn’t in the talking mood though. Diggs gives him the file, demanding to know if it’s true. Andy says it is.


Ollie is getting ready to give a speech at the docks about his plan for the bay. He says he’s confident that this plan with help with Star City’s other problems. He says it’s the perfect starting point to save the city, as it’s in the open, and in the light of day is where he wants to fight. Darhk watches on, clearly unhappy.


Flashback Recap

Ollie and Jerkface go to Reiter after Ollie kills the man from last episode. Ollie tells the truth, that Jerkface put him up to it. Jerkface lies and says he did it because Ollie killed his sister. Reiter uses magic twigs to spot Jerkface’s lie. He makes Ollie deliver the lashings, since he was the one wronged. Ollie then has to tell the woman he saved that her brother is dead. She recovers quickly as they move onto the issue of using the map Ollie has to figure out what Reiter’s after.


Assorted Musings:

Like I said, I wish this episode would’ve focused on Diggs more, since this is his family issue. And even Laurel to some extant, since she can sort of relate.

I think Thea’s new plan is interesting. Wondering if the rest of the team knows Malcolm is in town though.


I seems like the photography department took some interesting shots (like Diggs at the connexes and Thea in the elevator/hallway) and it was pretty cool.

I think they should’ve brought Ray back legally, but I guess that’s just one more dimension for Legends, two presumed dead, one not even technically born yet.

I think Wolfman Biologic’s is a shout out to longtime DC comics writer Marv Wolfman.


I’m really wishing they’d kill the flashbacks. Constantine got me a bit invested in them but that’s wearing off now.