So I just want to say, I’m glad I didn’t watch the Flash half of this cross over until right before watching this episode of Arrow because it was so much better that way. Spoilers ahoy!

“It’s too bright and sunny for me here.”

The the Flash ended subtly with Savage getting away, but with the good guys intact and with two more as Hawkman gets Hawkgirl to emerge. Then we see the bomb of Ollie seeing his son.

We start off not with Ollie’s flashbacks, where Harkman and Hawkgirl are in their first lives. Conner as a prince named Khufu and Kendra as a priestess names Shiera. We see them start out less than loving in front of the pharaoh, but more loving afterwards. We also see Savage, with the staff of Horus who emerges when the two are arguing to mediate.

The team decides to lay low at a farm on the outskirts of the city to regroup. The “geek squad” get busy on working on some time of sciency/magic gauntlets that they can use to take the staff of Horus away from Savage. Thea was pretty amusing this episode even.


Ollie runs down a lead, except not one for the team. After seeing his ex-girlfriend with a child whose age matches up with how old their child would be if she hadn’t miscarried, he is determiend to know if it’s his son. Felicity senses something up, but Ollie isn’t willing to tell her yet.

Kendra wants to talk to Cisco, because there clearly is some tension since another man showed up claiming to be her soulmate and another who is trying to take her life. Cisco says that it can wait, because they both need to focus on the problem at hand first. And because:

“Never in the history of romance have those words meant anything good.”

Conner steals Kendra aside, and even though Cisco wants to help Kendra he’s brushed aside. Conner waits until there alone to give Kendra a box for her to open, inside is their gear. She thinks it’s a bit soon, but he’s reassuring to the point of pressuring her into it.


Ollie meets up with Samantha and she straight up tells him that he isn’t William’s father, that she met his father two months after they broke up. Ollie senses somethings up and steals a hair from this baseball cap.

Then Merlyn gives him a call and says he negotiated a meet and greet between himself, Flash, Green Arrow and Savage. On the way to the meeting we see the Flash see himself while running the way.

The meeting with Savage doesn’t go well. He says he will level both their cities if they don’t hand over Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Ollie shoots him and he pulls it out nonchalantly. Barry gets in plenty of quips that were nicely times.


After Savage leaves both Green Arrow and Flash are on board with defeating him without handing over their new friends. Merlyn doesn’t want Ollie to get his daughter killed, and threatens Ollie over it. He’s in favor of turning them over if it means saving everyone.

Back at the farm, Kendra is willing to give herself up, saying her life isn’t worth millions. It doesn’t help that Conner says he’s done it before, taking out two million people to get tot hem.

Cisco again wants to help by comforting Kendra, but Conner is blocking him out saying he will talk to her. Barry then wait to get him alone before telling Cisco about seeing himself. Cisco is trying not to let Barry tell him, with the Cisco line of the Night:.

“The first rule of time travel is you don’t talk about time travel.”

Conner chases after Kendra. she asks if they ever committed suicide to deny Savage the privilege of killing them and furthering his immortality. Conner encourages her to be the warrior she always has been. He tells her to hit him and they have a sparing match. They repeat until she feels the rage enough to tackle him to the ground. He claims it’s the rage that helps her power emerge.


Then we learn that Lyla over at ARGUS hooked them up with a betamax tape about savage from ‘86 from a conspiracy group. Luckily Felicity has an app for that or something. Because who doesn’t travel without one of those? The man in the video is Aldus Boardmansays and he’s done quite a bit of research on Savage. He claims that an object from the calamity that gave him his immortality should be able to stop them. Kendra makes the connection to the staff of Horus, but that it’s just a hunch denying that her memories are returning.

Meanwhile the reason Barry and Ollie weren’t present for the meeting was because Ollie was having him run a DNA test comparing himself and William. Though Ollie didn’t say what it was really for and Barry thinks it has something to do with Damien Darhk. He says not to tell anyone and leaves. That’s when Felicity walks in all suspicious. Barry doesn’t want to tell felicity, but she bullies him into it. Felicity knows right away what it is.

Ollie returns to Samantha to confront her about William. She tells him about what her mother did and shows him the check itself that she never cashed because she didn’t want her money and didn’t want her anywhere near her son. She asks if William isn’t really better off without him, even though he isn’t the crazy partying playboy anymore, but wouldn’t he still be better off away from his world?


Ollie says he deserves a chance to get to know his son, and that his son deserves the chance to get to know his father. She relents as long as he doesn’t learn Ollie is his father, and that no one else does either. Ollie pleads to be able to tell Felicity, but she denies it. He’s asking the world of her, so she’s asking for the same.

The problem is that Felicity already knows, and she was waiting for Ollie to return to confront him with the DNA test he has Barry run. She ran enough tests on his blood to know his DNA sequence. Felicity walks away thinking that Ollie doesn’t trust her and she can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust her.

Ollie puts the mission first, likely to distract himself. The gauntlets are hopefully ready to go. Ollie snaps into a plan right away, using Kendra as their ace in the hole, and since they have Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Speedy and Diggs takes the bench this round.


They arrive with Hawkman and Hawkgirl in chains as though they were really turning them over. Savage tells Green Arrow and the Flash to leave, as the next bit is unsightly. When he does in with the blade to stab Kendra, however, Green Arrow is there to catch it.

Thus begins one of the best fight scenes we’ve seen this season. Savage eventually gets a blade in both Hawkman and Hawkgirl and we see a bit of him draining their life force away. Then Flash gets his hands on the staff and uses it on Savage. Green Arrow takes it though and tells Flash to run, as he’s the only one fast enough to get away.

He wasn’t wrong. We see the blast take out not only everyone at the warehouse where the fight went down, but all over the city. Flash runs, and then we see him running side by side with himself and then he arrives at the meeting with himself, Ollie and Merlyn when they first meet with Savage.


Afterwards, Ollie says they need to meet with the team and make a plan, Barrytells him it doesn’t work, and he knows it because he time traveled. Barry is reluctant to mess with time, because it doesn’t end well, Ollie points out that it already didn’t end well.

Ollie wants to know specifically what went wrong. Barry ask Ollie if he’s planning on giving him a hair sample to run tests on. Barry says that whatever it was for it was a distraction for Ollie at a crucial moment of the fight because he was shaken, and Felicity and him had a pretty big fight about it right before they left for the battle.

Ollie in turn encourages Cisco to talk with Kendra, regardless of the story about Kendra and Conner being soulmates, because Cisco is clearly the man in love with her. So Cisco tells Conner to bugger off, and takes Kendra aside. Cisco knows her, and he’s able to get her to open up a bit more.


She confines that she’s been remembering their first life, but been denying it. Cisco encourages her to remember, and not deny herself. That her powers are a gift not a nightmare.

She remembers when her and Conner in their first life were in bed when Savage caught them, and said the penalty for such a transgression is death. Savage makes it clear he also desires her as well. Savage then kills them both right as the ‘sky rocks’ descend upon them. Then he utters some curse, while Kendra utters a prayer to Horus. Kendra looks at the staff as well as a dagger before the palace collapses. Kendra awakens to the present and has a new idea on how to defeat savage.


Kendra tells the team about her vision and they need to reclaim a meteorite with the same materials as the staff. Flash does it in a millisecond, literally. Cisco uses them with the gloves. This time Ollie tells Thea, Diggs and Laurel to suit up, so this time they have back up.

Flash uses the gauntlets to get the staff and use it against Savage. Green Arrow join him, and instead of telling Flash to run he says they aren’t leaving each other. Savage is seemingly reduced to a pile of ash, but no one thinks it’s over.


Everyone wants to know what Kendra and Conner going to do now that they’re free. Kendra says that in past lives they dedicated themselves to helping people and then asks for a moment with Cisco. It’s not quite the breakup you’d expect. Cisco gives her something to remember him by, that’s also embedded with a panic button so if she’s in trouble she can press it and they’ll be there to help. (Future crossovers on the horizon, but we could’ve guessed that)

Ollie congratulates Barry on a job well done in regards to time travel. Barry ask Ollie what he’s planning on doing in regards to his son and Felicity, partly caring about messing with the time stream, but also seemingly like he’s caring about what happens with him and Felicity.

“I’m not much of a hugger.”

“I’m fast enough to hug you without you knowing.”


It seems like Ollie gets the same terms from his son’s mother, and he agrees to them, including keeping Felicity in the dark. Ollie agrees he’s his a friend of mommy’s and gets to meet his son. Ollie says he’s going to share a secret with William, that he’s actually met the flash, and reasserts that he’s a cool guy. Ollie asks if it’s okay if he stops by sometimes. It’s a start.


Back in star city, Ollie settles, but isn’t into talking to felicity about what it is that is bothering him. felicity says they’re a team and they’re in love, and he can tell her about anything.


Back at that ash pile we see Merlyn performing some type of ceremony. “you owe me one buddy.”

Assorted Musings:

Magnet Arrow! I hope this sets the trend for more trick arrows going forward.

Malcolm Merlyn barged into the Quiver right after Ollie made a quip about the revolving door at Star Labs with bad guys.


Don’t like that Joe still isn’t filling Patty in, obviously this could have been avoided. Barry needs to bring her onboard soon or the relationship is going to end badly.

I like Merlyn being bad again.