Soooo...Arrow was new last night. I though it was a good episode over all, and just what we needed after last week. I love how we got to be a little more character-centric this whole episode, and not just on Ollie either. Spoilers Ahoy!

We start off right away with excitement as Diggle and Lyla’s date is interrupted by Chang (an ARGUS Agent who worked with Lyla) who sought out Lyla because he’s been compromised and he needs her because she isn’t ARGUS anymore.

Felicity is headed home with Ollie who is taking special care of her. She says she knows that the spinal cord injury isn’t the end of her super power - which is her mind. She also says that she isn’t ready to come back to Team Arrow yet. Ollie wants her back, but doesn’t press her.

Yet her help is just what they need most as they try to figure out who took Chang, though they know it wasn’t HIVE. They try to work their own methods, Laurel checking the ballistics against known SCPD cases, Thea heads to the crime scene to give it another look, and Diggs goes to talk to his little brother.

Alone, Felicity starts to hear voices about her pity party. The voice manifests itself as the goth Felicity we saw last season. Felicity of course checks her meds and finds that hallucinations is one of the possible side-effects.


Chang was found, and Laurel and Diggs are on the scene. Chang was tortured before they finally killed him, and his eyeball is missing. Diggs and Lyla report to Amanda Waller, who sounds less than pleased to have them interfere, yet slips Lyla a thumb drive. Shadowspire was a former special military group that ARGUS took down for War Profiteering, an ARGUS team lead by Chang.


While the episode has some great Felicity moments and comments, Laurel takes the line of the night. In response to the detective who found Chang saying that she didn’t appreciate Laurel telling her how to do her job.

“Well I’m sure there is a murderer out there who appreciates your lack of initiative”

“I love how playing superhero is what we consider normal.”

Diggs recognizes the symbol from a team Andy was associated with in his military days and goes again to confront him. Andy says that he knows how they operate, and could help track them down. They narrow it down and the team suits up to go to yet another abandoned warehouse.


Arrow called up Felicity and gives her their address and she has their security down in a heartbeat.

The team takes down Shadowspire while Felicity opens doors for Black Canary and Speedy so they can go after the hostages. Unfortunately they’re too late and only find their bodies.


While the ladies make it out, unfortunately the men almost don’t. Green Arrow is trapped in a connex and has to blast his way out while Diggs is surrounded with guns pointing at his chest. Felicity gets flustered because she can’t break him out, but he blasts his way out on his own.

Afterwards, Felicity blames herself, but Ollie says it was his fault for pushing her when she said she wasn’t ready. Felicity says that she wants out from the team, permanently. Ollie tries to change her mind, but her goth self is also there trying to tell her she can’t do it.

“That’s one of the reasons you love her so much.”



Diggs then turns Andy over to ARGUS, and then Waller is a little more talkative on the subject.and states that the two men they found dead were in charge of a shipment of confiscated rail guns, but what their really after is worse than that. Andy knows they often hide their tracts with a distraction.

Laurel and Ollie are sparring and Ollie tells her what happened with Felicity, and the guilt he feels over it. He confides in her about Barry’s time travel shenanigans, which she barely flinches at by the way, and how Barry warned him that changing the past can have repercussions.

Laurel reassures him the best she can, as the only other one around who had the ‘privilege’ of dating him. She says he shouldn’t blame himself, which he always does. The one that is responsible for Felicity’s injury is Darhk, and the only one that makes Felicity’s decisions is Felicity herself.


“That’s was going to be your armor.”

Digg arrives and updates them with what Waller said and they’re after the confiscated rail guns, despite Andy’s warning.

Goth Felicity says that Felicity says that she’s been hiding from herself for the last five years. Everything from her hair dye and glasses to being an over qualified IT girl, to being a hero.


Lyla temporarily returns to ARGUS and watches Team Arrow as they stake out the shipment. Diggs also stays behind with her. The team notices something is wrong just as Shadowspire attacks the ARGUS facility using Chang’s eye to gain access.

Shadowspire says their after Rubicon, but Waller says she cannot give him access. Meanwhile Diggs realizes he cannot get communication out the old fashioned way, so he tries hacking into the broadcast frequency of the TV monitors.

Team Arrow returns to the Quiver, and Ollie tries and fails to contact Diggs. Then Felicity arrives and apologizes to Ollie about what she said before. She said she wanted to do good, and sounds like she’s ready to be back. She tells him that it isn’t his fault, and it’s not hers either, and she says they’re going to stop him together, because that’s who they are.


Diggs succeeds in getting his broadcast to the monitors at the Quiver. The message doesn’t go unnoticed however. While he sends someone to look into the unauthorized broadcast he continues to get Waller to give up Rubicon.

“Amanda Waller doesn’t make decisions based on the value of human life.”

When he realized that nothing would get Waller to talk, he shoots her right in the head. He then turns his attention to Lyla and says she now has 20 minutes to give up the access codes.


“I was going to go with Oracle, but it’s taken.”

Team Arrow infiltrates ARGUS with Felicity’s help, and Green Arrow finally gives her a code name, Overwatch. They start fighting their way though goons to get to the center of the action.

“If you’ve run out of guys to punch, Spartan needs an assist.”

Andy tells John that with the men pointing a gun at Lyla, now would be a good time to trust him. When they come to find the broadcast signal, Andy convinces them to take him to their CO. He tells them right away that Lyla is his sister-in-law and that his brother is currently coming to save her.


They find Diggs ‘crawling around the vents’ and puts a gun to his head and tells Lyla to give them what they want. When Diggs also says to “do it” she knows something is up, and turns to comply.

Felicity takes command, telling the team where to go and using her skills to block Lyla out of the necessary ARGUS software so she cannot access Rubicon. As the CO points a gun at Diggs after Lyla’s failure, Andy jumps to his rescue his brother before Team Arrow bursts though. Ollie frees Diggs and then they overpower them pretty quickly.


“Just want to make sure my past stays my past.”

Back at the quiver Lyla and Ollie, the two that probably knew her best, cheers to Amanda Waller. Felicity congratulated Diggs on a job well done infiltrating the communications and letting her into ARGUS’s computers.


When asked what he was going to do with Andy, Diggs says he’s not sure, but this is the first time in 8 years he’s seen shades of his brother. Andy comes home with Diggs, with an ARGUS agent at the door. Diggs introduces him to Sara.

Back at home, Felicity and Ollie have a better heart-to-heart. Felicity brings out her old photographs from her goth days and shows them to Ollie. He tells her that they live in a pretty spectacular world-where we have those that speed, and fly, and shrink. He has seen people come back from the dead. Nothing is impossible.


Flashback Time

This time it isn’t Ollie we follow, it’s Diggs and Andy during their shared time in the military. We see as they are offered a change at war profiteering, from a man with a patch in the symbol of Shadowspire. Diggs freaks when later he sees Andy talking to him. He says it was nothing, but we learn later that he did take a cut, from none other than the man who is currently running around Lian Yu with Ollie in the normal flashbacks.

Assorted Musings


I still think that the whole Andy plotline is pretty weird. The present one and the past one.


A whole episode without Darhk was a nice palate cleanser.

I’m wondering if Amanda Waller is suffering from “Character we need for the movies” syndrome. I don’t see any other good reason to kill her off. It doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense in context.

For a highly fortified secret organization ARGUS seems incredibly easy to break into. And apparently keep dead employee’s retinal scans on the list of “has access” for some reason.


With all these code names for everyone and the trick arrows and trick arrow shots, I’m really loving the more comic book vibe in the last two seasons.

Did they ever call/allude to the CO of Shadowspire Baron Blitzkrieg?