Okay, yes, this episode has issues. Yes, there is a suspension of disbelief required. No, I don’t care. This episode was fun 88% of the time and it was ridiculous enough that I can forgive it’s faults. Even the serious parts were enjoyable. Spoilers AHOY!

“That’s his superpower. Guilt Arrow.”

We open the show in Nanda Parbat, where Nyssa is being held captive. One of the woman from the League of Shadows brings her a meal, which Nyssa claims to not want, until the woman tells her that it came from her garden, which grows strong in her absence. Nyssa understands the message, and takes the knife out of the pepper and uses it to escape. Many other members of the league join her and eliminate Malcolm’s men. Their next goal is to find from the “lotus” from Kyushu.

In Star City we see the team working together almost flawlessly, with Overwatch giving direction from the home base. She overuses their code names a bit, which just makes the geek in my grin. They chase a burglar to the roof of the Amertek building, and right when Speedy has him cornered, a wave of dizziness overwhelms her and she passes out, and nearly falls off the roof. Luckily, Green Arrow was able to catch her in time. (And man he has to be strong to pull her up one handed like that…) The thief gets away with a device used to find vulnerabilities in nearby infrastructure

Back at the Quiver, the team shows concern for Thea, but aren’t sure what is causing her problems. They all know the likely culprit is something to do with the Bloodlust from the pit, but beyond that they are uncertain. Ollie checks in on her afterwards, where Malcolm was already in attendance. He says that the reason for Thea’s newfound weakness is because the balance is out of sync. Her bloodlust comes for the life owed to pay for her own. If she doesn’t take life, then it comes from her. When Ollie questions how she’s been good until now, they tell him what happened when she came face to face with Darhk a few weeks ago.

Then Ollie gets the call about their thief. He chose his next target as something from Cadmus Industries. This time he stole a weapon, so Ollie rushes over without even taking the time to change into his Green Arrow suit. He spots the thief and pursues him on foot. Now some truck driver thinks that the man running for Mayor enjoys doing parkour in his free time. It’s not long before Ollie catches and unmasks him.


“Whose shocking return are we looking forward to next?”

The thief that they had been tracking turned out to be Roy. The team is in disbelief that it was really him, but Ollie insists that it was. They wonder at his sudden crime spree, which now includes a tiny bomb from Cadmus industries.



Meanwhile, Alex has been calling and texting Ollie all day from his campaign headquarters, and he finally goes to check in on things. It turns out that Ruve Adams, AKA Mrs. Darhk, is also going to be running for mayor. Green Arrow goes to see her, but not about her campaign, he uses her to deliver a message to her husband, he wants a meeting.

Back at the Quiver, Felicity tried to figure out what Roy was planning based on the devices he stole. She starting thinking about what they could be if combined and came to the conclusion they could create a device that could ‘nuke the entire internet’ if it had a stable power source. Turns out that there’s a company that was working on a new type of batter that would be perfect, namely, hers.

Before she can warn Curtis, Roy is there. Not only does he get in a bit of good banter, but he holds his own for a bit. Then the team arrives, and although they’re reluctant to attack, they don’t let him get away. When Roy was cornered he tossed the tech he took from Curtis out the window, where a drone of some sort scooped it up. Overwatch knows something is off about Roy, so she tells Green Arrow to hit him with a tranquilizer arrow.


“This is what happens when the bad guys name themselves.”

They make it look like they killed him and take him back to the Quiver, where they have a shield made by Cisco that will keep the transmitter in his eye from broadcasting. When they revive him afterwards and tell him he’s safe, Roy tells them all what happened to him after he left Star City.


He started over, new name, new life. It was going great until he got an e-mail from “the Calculator” saying that he needed to do something for him or he would expose Roy as being still alive, and the police would then take a second look at the vigilantes running around Star City. Something about Roy being back brought out the banter and lightheartedness in the team, and I loved it.


Nyssa is wasting no time while Malcolm is busy trying to help his daughter. She and the woman from the League venture after the Lotus, which brings her to Tatsu, who is now a member of the Crescent order. The lotus that Nyssa seeks is what Tatsu is set to protect. Out come the swords. They’re evenly matched however, and Nyssa says so. She suggests they set aside the weapons and Tatsu actually listens to what she has to say.

“This Felicity, a brilliant force of nature.”

After getting patched up, Roy goes to see Thea. She is ecstatic to see him again, but only for a moment. She starts a coughing up a storm and gasping for breath. Malcolm tries to calm her down and reassure her that this too will pass. We see the wound from Ras opening as her fits gets worse, then recede again after it passes.


Back at the Quiver, Felicity has been working on the monitoring contact lens that Roy was wearing. She marvels at the tech for a moment before she says that she found a way to bypass the encryption and get into the Calculators system. He catches her at it though, and they both have a bit of fun banter back and forth that ends with him telling her that he doesn’t want to take down the net, he wants to take down a city.

Felicity takes what she knows about the tech he’s got to come to the conclusion that it could also be used to take down all infrastructure in the city, including hospitals, water mains, and the like. The chaos could kill everyone in the city. (Life Free or Die Hard anyone?) She starts to profile potential targets where he could do the most damage before remembering a certain piece of tech that Ray invented, the Battering Ram.

While she’s there Curtis points out that she’s getting real slick zipping around in her wheelchair. When Felicity tries to brush it off, he stops her for a minute to say something important. He says there’s two Felicities. Earlier, when she was preparing to give a presentation to the board, her wheelchair made her doubt herself. Now, she was the second Felicity, a brilliant force of nature, and it’s not just the team that needs her, the company does too.


“You’re not a killer Thea, that’s not a way for you to live.”

Ollie goes to check on his little sister, who is laid up in bed. He tells her that he’s working on a plan to help her. He says he’s arranged a meeting with Darhk, and it’s possible there is something that he could offer him for his help. Thea hates the idea. She doesn’t want Ollie to owe him, and she distrusts any help that would come from him.

Sorry Felicity, line of the night is Malcolm’s. Even Ollie grinned.

“I’m the Demon’s head. I have my resources. And I know how to put my ear up against a door.”


He also agrees with Thea that Ollie’s plan to elicit help from Darhk isn’t a smart plan. He also says that he agrees that it’s Thea’s choice. He gives a pretty passionate speech about how he loves her so much that he was so close to bringing in a guy for her to kill. I’m sure he means well. He says that he didn’t because that would be him imposing his feelings on her, and not what she wants.

“That’s what I have friends for.”

Flint Hill’s data farm is where Calculator is installing his new tech, so the team heads over there and they find armored men setting up devices around the building. The team take on the Calculator’s hired mercenaries head to head as Felicity faces off against the man himself from behind her keyboard.


It all comes down to setting off explosives to take down the tech. The problem is that the Calculator is also blocking all the frequencies they would need to use to remote detonate the explosives. The team does the whole “someone needs to stay behind” shtick and the result is Roy is staying behind to set off the bombs with an arrow, then running like hell to get out of the blast radius. And by ‘run like hell’ I apparently mean ‘speed down a zipline like a total badass’ because that is what he does.

The team celebrates back at the quiver, and everyone (including me) is sad to see Roy go. Felicity also tells Roy that when she was in the Calculators system she deleted everything he had on Roy. He’s ready to start a new life, but first he needs to say goodbye to Thea, something he didn’t have a chance to last time. He says he almost stayed, for her. She says if he wants to do something for her, he can go live an amazing life. I love that they got their closure, even if it was bittersweet.



Felicity does end up giving the presentation of Curtis’s new tech to the board, and she rocks it. The confident, sassy Felicity we all love took that stage, and she even jokes about her being in a wheel chair. Afterwards we see her greeted by the man she spent the entire episode battling, who turns out to be her father.

Ollie goes to check on Thea, who lapses into a coma. Nyssa appears at Thea’s bedside at the hospital. She tells Oliver that she has the Lotus, the one thing that can now help Thea. She says she will give it to Oliver on one condition: that he kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Assorted Musings

Cadmus Industries is revealed and Laurel hints at clones in the same episode. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.


No, for those of you who might not get my humor, this isn’t a serious prediction. Yes, it would be awesome. And I still think that Teen Titans show that isn’t dead yet should be a live action YJ, but I know it’s never gonna happen. A girl can dream though.

Amertek is another interesting name drop for one of the other tech companies Roy stole from.


Hob City (where Roy says he was laying low) is another fictional town from the comics, and is home to the Question. I don’t think that connection is going anywhere either.

THAT is how they’re introducing Felicity’s father?!

Curtis used a T-Sphere on Roy!

Okay, the “she’s barely 3 on the Glasgow Scale” line really bugged me. 3 is what a dead person has. There is nothing lower than that. This also means that she would not react to pain in any way which means that even her muscular reflexes are not responding. Also, this scale is almost exclusively used in patients with traumatic brain injury.


Also, here’s my new favorite Felicity Gif I will be using in the future: