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Soooo...I’m not even sure what I can say about this episode that isn’t a spoiler. It was action packed and invoked many loud reactions. Is that spoilery? Is this a long enough lede? Close enough, spoilers start now.

“Why now?”

We resume where we left off: Nyssa offers to save Thea at the cost of killing Malcolm. Ollie tells her that if she has a problem with Malcolm for her to take care of it herself, because he couldn’t hurt the father of his sister. We here a bit about the messy family relations. Nyssa calls Ollie her husband, and Thea her sister-in-law. Ollie points out this is all Nyssa’s father’s fault. Nyssa says the father dying for the sake of their child is what Ollie’s father did, and Malcolm should do the same. If the title of the episode isn’t making sense yet...just wait.


Felicity is having coffee with her father. He tells her the reason he finally made contact is because a job brought him to town. It was a pretty interesting job and he almost got beat by a worth adversary. Then he calls her Overwatch. He tried to relate to her saying that what he does isn’t different from the vigilanteism she does now, nor the hacktivism she did at MIT. He then gives her a thumbdrive with some of his cases that she could verify to prove what he says is true.

Ollie tells Laurel and Diggs about Nyssa’s offer, and they encourage him to take it. Ollie says that he would rather take diplomacy. All Nyssa really wants is control over the League, and maybe he can convince Malcolm to go along with it. Malcolm isn’t buying Nyssa’s story though. Ollie can’t seem to convince him to go along with it.


“The time has come for recompense.”

Laurel goes to Nyssa, to talk to her about coming to a more peaceful solution. Nyssa says she would agree to exchange the cure for Malcolm giving her control of the League, but insists that Malcolm would never go along with it.


Back at the Quiver, the team tries to figure out their next move. In comes Felicity and she adds her latest bit of craziness to the pot. She tells them about her father trying to connect to her, and that she almost wants to believe he’s telling the truth. She wants a way to test him. Ollie says that’s exactly what she needs to do, and what they need to do as well.

Ollie goes to Nyssa and asks for proof that the elixir works. She is reluctant, but concedes a small vial of the Lotus, saying it won’t cure her permanently, but it will be enough to prove that it works as she says it does. Ollie gets Thea moved from the hospital to a more private location with all the amenities of the hospital. There they inject Thea with the Lotus with Malcolm present so he sees it when it works. Afterwards he is willing to meet with Nyssa.


“People don’t change, no matter how much you want them to.”

Meanwhile Felicity returns home to her mom. Her mother, who is always a delight on the show, is more somber than we have ever seen her as Felicity tells her that her father is in Star City. Mama Smoak is not happy. Donna tells her that while she would love to think that he has no ulterior motives for wanting to be a part of her life, she doesn’t think it possible. She warns Felicity that he will tell her everything he wants to hear and leave her in ruins when he’s done with her.


Diggs, Malcolm, and Ollie arrive to meet Nyssa and Laurel to make their deal. Right when you think it would go down, Malcolm pulls out his sword as his men flood the area around them all. He thinks he has Nyssa out gunned, out manned, and out maneuvered, and for the most part he is right. Nyssa escapes and Ollie, Diggs, and Laurel block her exit so Malcolm and his men can’t pursue.

This is a great shot. I hope whoever was in charge of the photography here is proud.

“Just because you changed doesn’t mean everyone else has.”

Diggs and Ollie fill in Captain Lance on the ensuing war coming to Star City. Then Diggs tries to tell Ollie that there is only one way this ends well, with him killing Malcolm Merlin. Ollie says that after everything that has happened, he hates Malcolm, but he can’t kill him still. Diggs says that he’s been denying his hate too long and instead he should “use that hate to do what needs to be done.”


Laurel tries to go to see Nyssa again, to try and talk her into a more peaceful solution. Before they get very far they’re all under attack from Malcolm’s men. Nyssa and Laurel meet up with Diggs and Ollie and they chase off Malcolm’s men. Then Diggs tranquilizes Nyssa and they take her back to the Quiver.

Laurel doesn’t give up trying to convince Nyssa that there is another way. That she doesn’t have to act like her father before her, but make her own way.


Felicity doesn’t listen to her mother, and invites her father to a visit to her work. She shows him around the R&D lab where he leaves behind a souvenir, a device designed to copy the data around it. Felicity finds it, because this was all a test. Felicity isn’t surprised, but still hurt by his actions.

“We’re all backed into a corner.”

Malcolm goes to see Thea, saying that he wants to be there when she dies. Ollie is furious that Malcolm wouldn’t just give up the damn ring to save her life. Malcolm says it isn’t that simple. The league is an ancient organization effecting global events and he refuses to give that power over to Nyssa. He then asks Ollie if he would give into Damian Darhk’s plans for the city if it meant saving William’s life. Ollie says he would find another way.


Ollie tells Malcolm the only way out of this is to challenge Nyssa to combat on her own. He agrees, Nyssa has no choice but to agree. Right as the battle is about to commence, Ollie calls a halt. In the eyes of the League Nyssa is his wife, and he will fight on her behalf. Ollie is the better warrior, and he does overpower Malcolm. At the end though, with Malcolm on his knees telling Ollie to kill him, Ollie refuses. Instead he cuts of his hand and knocks him out.


Ollie takes the ring off of Malcolm’s severed hand and gives it to Nyssa, who then gives him the Lotus elixir. They immediately give it to Thea who awakens in much better condition.


“What are we waiting for?”

Felicity’s father returns bearing gifts. She demands an explanation as to why he abandoned her and her mother. He claims that he did it to protect them, that he was on the run and it wasn’t the type of life he wanted for her or for her mom. She says the only part of that she knows to be true is that he was a wanted criminal, and she has the cops then come and get him.


Laurel and Ollie goes to Nyssa one more time before she leaves. They’re waiting for one other though, and it’s Malcolm. Nyssa tells them she disbanded the League and released its members. She leaves seemingly released from her father’s influence once and for all. Malcolm is far from released to here this, and swears a vengeance on Ollie that death would be a mercy compared to.

Felicity and Ollie are talking out their problems at home afterwards. They both eventually make each other feel better. Ollie asks her to marry him again. When she says she already said yes, he means maybe they need to do it now, while things are settled. She agrees saying a small ceremony might just be what they need.


Malcolm then goes to meet Damian Darhk afterwards. He says that he knows who Oliver Queen cares more about than anyone in the world. Darhk says he already knows and they did a number over her over the holidays. Malcolm says he was wrong it’s not Felicity Smoak, it’s William.

Assorted Musings


I still think it extremely weird that Nyssa still calls Ollie her husband. I guess for plot purposes it was kind of necessary, but still.


We see the T-Sphere again, and not sure if Calculator handing it will have any ramifications.

Did anyone see the weird look Felicity gave Oliver when he volunteered to fight on behalf ‘of his wife’? I thought it was amusing.


Now that the League is disbanded can Nyssa go time traveling with Sara? Please? (I did like the Nyssa asked Laurel about her.)

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