Much like Liam Neeson’s character in the movie of the same title, Ollie doesn’t have money (any more) but what he does have are a very particular set of skills, and some friends he can call on for help, one of whom is the real star of this episode. Spoilers after the break.

The episode starts off with Felicity testing out the spinal repair chip Curtis was terrific enough to invent for her, and luckily his husband is a physical therapist, with some sound advice.

So it doesn’t seem to have worked right away, but maybe give it some time. As soon as they get out to the garage, Damien Darhk shows up, does his magic make people unable to move thing, and tells Ollie he has William, and that he’ll return him if he drops out of the race for mayor and publicly supports his rival, Darhk’s secret wife.

Things move pretty quickly from there. William’s mother, Samantha is still alive after all, and shows up at Ollie’s campaign office asking what the hell is going on. He tells her he can help get William back because he’s the Green Arrow, and soon she gets to meet the team. There’s an awkward apology to Laurel who makes it clear it’s Ollie who was at fault for cheating on her, and meeting Felicty, the woman Ollie was forced to keep Willia a secret from.

Realizing he needs help Ollie decides to fight magic with magic, and calls on a new hero working out of Detroit, who he and Barry had a run in with (and you can see that here on the CW Seed, they’ve put the entire season into one video so no more watching 5 minutes at a time).

Ollie goes to Detroit where Mari McCabe aka Vixen is chasing down some bad guys (they do a good job of implying animal powers without breaking the budget).

Mari agrees to help Ollie deal with Darhk, and soon she’s brought to the liar and introduced to everyone.


Mari is able to use an item belonging to William, his Flash action figure, and her animal senses to track down both William and Darhk, and off they go to try to get him back on their own terms.

And we get to see someone fly with the power of magic.


Darhk is able to use his people stopping powers on Mari too, but not after she gives herself some gorilla level strength. But he still manages to force throw Ollie out a window and while Mari saves him, Darhk makes his exit.

Back at HQ, Mari explains how her power comes from her totem, so maybe Darhk has one too, and Quentin recalls seeing something like that a couple times and gives Mari a sketch.

They discover the totem Damien uses draws on magnetic ley lines (much like the comic book Lazarus Pits), and they’re able to figure out where he and it are.


Ollie decides that will be how they defeat Darhk, but not how they get William back. He gives in to Damien’s demands and drops out of the race, giving a speech that he had hoped to inspire others to run and now that he has, he’s backing his former opponent. Alex is disappointed but what can you do? Ollie thanks his team for all they’ve done for him before leaving.

Darhk eventually calls Ollie telling him where to meet in 3 hours to get William back, but with Samantha’s blessing, they head to Darhk’s stronghold to take him down. Ollie and team jump into action, and some great action it is. Vixen uses some cheetah speed and agility to grab the totem.


Damien doesn’t seem to concerned about it, and is gleefully force choking Green Arrow, Speedy and Black Canary, all while William watches unable to do anything about it. Until Vixen is able to break the totem and remove Darhk’s power. Once it’s down to hand to hand combat, Ollie gains the advantage and knows out Damien, leaving William for the police to find and return to his mother.


And William now wants a new action figure, and Ollie couldn’t be more thrilled. I’d call that a pretty big win.

Thea learns from Quentin that according to police reports, the man who took William only had one hand, and is furious at Malcom. Especially after she asked him if he was involved and he refused to answer saying she should know him well enough not to ask. And she did, because she was right to suspect his involvement. He tells her she has no idea the consequences of Nyssa disbanding the League of Assassins, and that everything he’s done was to protect them both. Thea’s not having it, and Malcolm leaves, angrily telling her he’d rather have her hating him but still alive than loving him and being dead.


Ollie had been given 2 conflicting suggestions. Diggle tells him Sara is safter with him always there for her, and Mari tells him that having been given into foster care allowed her to have a normal childhood before all the stuff with the totem started happening. Ultimately, Ollie agrees with Mari that in order for William to have an actual childhood he needs to stay away, at least until he’s grown up. So he tells Samantha to move far away, and not tell anyone where, including him. Ollie records a video telling William who he is, and then Felicity rolls in.

Even though Samantha made it clear she’s the one who gave Ollie the difficult ultimatum, she’s still upset that he didn’t trust in her. And that she wasn’t part of his decision to stay out of William’s life until he turns 18. She returns the engagement ring to Ollie, and as they’re arguing, her leg starts to move. The chip Curtis gave her has restored her ability to walk, just in time to use it to leave.

Flashback Island: Ollie and his captors release some evil spirit that takes the form of the latest guy he killed, who is guarding an entrance. Ollie gets a pass because of the magic tattoo Constantine gave him.



Depowering Damien was a pretty big turning point, I’m impressed the show did that, but it was really the only way to not have him always win.

I really don’t agree with how Felicity is handling this, but I’ll acknowledge that she’s not acting rationally but on emotions so it doesn’t have to make sense.


When Ollie mentions fighting magic with magic, everyone asks about Constantine. Apparently, he’s in hell at the moment.

It turns out being called out on his BS is a sore spot for Malcolm.

The fight scenes were great, especially a lot of the Laurel and Thea stuff.

What did you all think?

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