iO9 already has their review up on the main page if you want to check it out, but I’ll still post the recap here because of the awesome gifs and the smaller, more refined comment section. Cupid is back, and she’s not the only one ready to break all our hearts! Spoilers ahoy!

“Let me call you sweetheart…”

Cupid is holding a couple hostage, and asks them how much they love each other before piercing them both with an arrow to the heart. She then stages them both in the shape of the heart for Star City Police Department to find.

Laurel takes Damien Darhk to court over the child abduction case. Darhk’s attorneys claim that not only is Darhk innocent of the crime, but that he isn’t even really Damien Darhk, and he is a citizen of Markovia.


Felicity has worked out the perfect system of moving out, and using those skills to get her things out of Ollie’s place. They talk out their new status, as they’re not a couple, but Felicity still wants to be part of the team.

“I’m fine, which is universal code for I don’t want to talk about it.”

The team returns to the Quiver after a quiet night. They’re curious about HIVE’s inactivity despite Darhk being imprisoned. Then Laruel arrives and tells them that the quiet might not be lasting for long, as they are unsure they have enough evidence to prosecute Darhk at all, as they have no witnesses. Felicity volunteers herself as one, as Darhk had also kidnapped all of them.


Laurel takes them up on the offer, and Diggs takes the witness stand. He tells how they were kidnapped during Ollie’s campaign event and taken hostage by Darhk. It doesn’t go quite well though as the defense attorney tears down his credibility. The team regroups and tries to think of who they can bring as a witness that the defense can’t tear down.


Then they get the alert that Cupid took another couple hostage and head out, minus Laurel who needs to stay at the courthouse. They chase after cupid who is driving a limo with the couple in the back. Green Arrow goes hand-to-hand with her before using a trick arrow to tie her up. She escapes though as soon as he turns his back to rescue the couple in the back seat of the limo.

“It’s catnip for Cupid.”

The rest of the trial doesn’t go well for Laurel. When her father finds out he offers again to testify. Laurel doesn’t want him to incriminate himself though, knowing it could end up with him in prison as well. She said she even went to her boss to try and bargain immunity if he testified. They talk it out and it results in Laurel agreeing to let Lance testify, as long as they emphasize that it was under duress, that he threatened Laurel’s life.


Felicity works her magic on the fabric Green Arrow was able to get off of Cupid, and they determine it has to come from a place that is used for long term storage of wedding dresses. There’s only one of those places around and they head down there. They find Cupid’s shrine with the couples she was targeting: celebrities who recently got married.

Back at the Quiver, the team needs a new plan. They can’t just track recently married high-profile celebrity couples. Instead, Ollie asks Felicity to ‘get married’ in order to lure Cupid out. Felicity is reluctant, but with the team promising to back them up, she agrees.

So take the stand, Lance does. He details everything that Darhk wanted him to do over the course of the past few months. He does emphasize the fact that Laurel’s life hung in the balance. Lance even admits he’s lighting a match under his career, and possibly risking his life, but that it’s worth it to tell the truth.


“You are my always, and I just want the chance to be yours.”

The team sets a trap for Cupid, with Ollie and Felicity posing in full wedding attire. They agree to give their own vows. Felicity gave a simple one, that could be interpreted in many ways. Ollie, on the other hand, speaks from his heart detailing all the ways that she had improved his life.


Right as Ollie’s placing the ring on Felicity’s finger, Cupid arrives and shoots an arrow between them. She gives Ollie a speech about how soft he is before shooting an arrow through his heart. She tells Felicity that her life was a fairy tale, but that’s all over now. Ollie gets up and we learn that Kevlar under the Tux is something his body guard insisted on.


Cupid threatens to blow them all up, because love always ends in death. She loved two men, both of who died. It’s not Ollie who talks her down though, it’s Felicity. She gives what sounds like is her real wedding vow now, about how love is real and that she’s glad she got to experience it.


It’s hard to say whether or not Felicity really got through to her though, because that’s when Spartan and Speedy arrive and they take her down the old fashioned way and get the detonator out of her hand. Cupid is knocked out and later taken away in handcuffs, but not before she thanks Felicity for helping her believe in love.

“I’m already gone.”

In the courtroom, the standard of proof in the Damien Darhk case is thin, as no circumstantial or forensic evidence exists. However, the judge found Captain Lance’s testimony, and his willingness to incriminate himself was enough to convince her to take it to trial. The whole case against Darhk now rest on Lance’s testimony. If there was every anyone on this show with a bigger target on their back, I can’t remember it right now. IAB is also investigating Lance after his testimony.


After their passionate speeches to each other earlier, Ollie and Felicity realize they need to talk it out. Ollie reassures her that he meant every single word of what he said. Felicity tells him that while she still loves him, she can’t be with him. Ollie tries to reassures her that he can change, that he won’t lie to her anymore. Felicity says that there will always be a part of him that will default to the man he was when he first got back from the island, and hide things from her.


Felicity then says that it’s not fair for either of them for them to be together (on the team) without being together. She says they have to let each other go, and returns the ring again. Ollie says a finial time, that he doesn’t want to let her go. Then Felicity walks away.

Assorted Musings

There were some notable characters missing, no Malcolm and no Mama Smoak.

You’d think Lyla and ARGUS would be helping catch Cupid somehow.

Does anyone doubt it’s Lance in the grave now? Or is it’s a fake-out?

Is Felicity mad at the grave site because she blames herself for leaving the team?