The trend of Comic Book shows that feel like absurd comic books that started yesterday with the Flash continues on with the return of Bug Eyed Bandit in the latest episode of Arrow. Again, many will nitpick, but I just grin like the geek I am. Spoilers ahoy!

“Bees. I like Bees.”

The Bug Eyed Bandit is back, baby! Brie Larvan hacked into the prison’s system to change the date of her release to now.

The team is having a sparring session in the Quiver, with Oliver giving out advice to them all. The team has been seeing less action now with Darhk off the streets. Oliver seems pretty set on making sure they’re all staying in top shape.


Afterwards, Thea brings up that Ruve is looking for a new chief of staff, and Alex is planning on interviewing. Ollie doesn’t want that, as he likes Alex. Laurel is the one that brought up that Palmer Tech is looking for a new PR person, but avoids saying who she heard it from. Obviously they’re avoiding talking openly about Felicity at this point. Thea says she’ll pass it along.

Oliver: “Laurel, she’s not Voldemort. And I’m fine. That’s a good idea. You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.”

Thea: “Mmmhmm.”

Oliver: “What?”

Thea: “Nothing. It’s just— It’s shocking that you know who Voldemort is.”

Oliver: “Well, I mean I’m not immune to pop culture. I read a few of the Harry Potter books.”

Diggle: “Really? I was going to bet Thea that you just saw the movies.”

Oliver: “There were movies?

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and Mr Fantastic Curtis are looking at marketing the breakthrough technology that gave Felicity the ability to walk again. Curtis is on his way out when Donna walks in. She tries to lure Felicity out for some fun following the breakup. The third guest is Thea, come to ask Felicity about a job for Alex.


“I’m not immune to pop culture!”

Laurel gets Ollie alone to discuss her concerns over his emotions getting the best of him and him channeling that in their training. They have a cute moment that seems platonic, and I hope it stays that way.

At Palmer Tech, at the board meeting Felicity is running late to, a board member suddenly has a medical emergency. It’s the Bug Eyed Bandit attacking. She demands one of the pieces of technology that Felicity used to miraculously recover her ability to walk. The board says there’s only one, the one that is in Felicity currently. the Bug Eyed Bandit broadcasts out on all nearby electronic devices saying she needs to speak with her, and she’s holding the board hostage.


Thea and Donna are still with Felicity when they get the message. They want out, but they can’t as Bee’s bees are surrounding the building. She is also blocking all communication. The Bud Eyed Bandit says she has 10 minutes before she starts voting out board members. Felicity opens up a vent big enough for a baby hippo to crawl through and they take it out of her office.

“So can anyone just walk in here?”

Curtis sees the news on TV and feels the need to do something, despite his 104 fever. Ollie and Laurel also see the news, and are joined by Lance who tells him that the police can’t get in. Curtis goes to Ollie’s old campaign headquarters, using the cell the team gave him to track them back to the Quiver. He takes the secret elevator down to meet the team as the team for the first time. Then passes out. Because he’s sick though, not from the excitement.


Felicity, Thea, and Donna escape her office, but are still on the run from the bees. At the Quiver, Curtis freaks out about finding the place. Ollie works hard to get him to focus. Curtis jumps into Felicity’s old role, excited at the prospect of working with the tech- STAR Lab’s 500 Exostation!- and with the team. With much reservation Ollie and the others accepts it and ask if he can immobilize enough bees so they can get into the system.


“How do you know that bee’s name?”

Curtis is able to hack the bees after all, and just in time. Felicity, Thea, and Donna were trapped in a utility closet with bees swarming at them just on the other side of the door.


The “positive” quickly turns into a “negative” as Curtis is kicked out. The bees merge together to form a new target to fight. Green Arrow tries to fight it, but got stung for his trouble.


However, it’s not just an ordinary sting. The bee is actually inside Oliver, and it’s replicating itself. Curtis isn’t able to hack it again. He should be able to use Canary’s Canary Cry to disrupt the connection the bees operate on. It works, destroying the bees, and all the glass in the Quiver at the same time.


Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity gets another message from the Bug Eyed Bandit, saying she has five more minutes since they got interrupted. Felicity realizes that she’s in her office, which gives her an idea. Thea makes a run to Curtis’s lab and Felicity tries to figure out how to get the board members to the old lair so they can use the secret exit to escape.

They take a special elevator that is only supposed to stop at the sublevels down and stop it at the level for the conference room by blowing a hole in the wall. Felicity gets the board members and her mom on their way out, but her and Thea are stopped by the Bug Eyed Bandit

“We’re in a Die Hard movie with bees!”

The Bug Eyed Bandit has Felicity and Thea at gunpoint and tells them the reasoning behind her mission. She has a tumor on her L4 vertebrae and the surgery to remove it would leave her paralyzed. That’s why she needs the device that Felicity has. Felicity tells her the blueprints are in Curtis Holt’s lab and she leaves to retrieve them.


At the Quiver the team is still trying to figure out how to launch an attack on the building. Curtis points out that while the Canary Cry worked once, at the rate the bees adapt they’ve undoubtedly worked out a way to fix that. Curtis is in a good mood though, but it quickly shot down by Ollie. Laurel sums up his reaction pretty well:

Laurel: “Any puppies you want to kick while you’re at it, bags of kittens that you wanna throw down the river?”

Oliver: “He needed to hear that.”

Laurel: “Nobody needs to hear that, Oliver.”


Laurel pulls him aside and helps him try to get his emotions under control. She points out that he’s taking it out on Curtis, and that’s not fair. She points out that Felicity left because of the choices of Oliver Queen, and not the Green Arrow. She tells him to have hope for himself as well, and the platonic feeling that I liked is gone.

At Palmer Tech Felicity is hard at work on a computer, checking on the Bug Eyed Bandit and making sure her mother and the board got to safety. Her and Thea also talk about what it is the team does in abstract terms. Felicity says she’s sick of the worry and violence. Thea says they endure it all because what they do is important. Felicity says that life isn’t for her, and she won’t return.


“I’m just trying to be a beacon of hope.”

Ollie quasi-apologizes to Curtis for his hard words. Curtis works up a trick arrow to give the bees a virus the next time they update themselves. The team heads out again, and run into the bee man they saw earlier. Canary tries her Cry, but it’s ineffective, as are Spartan’s bullets.

At the top of Palmer Tech, the Bug Eyed Bandit is back again. Thea says she has the blueprints so she can go make it herself, and she doesn’t need them anymore. the Bug Eyed Bandit says that’s almost the case, however, when she was looking through the Palmer Tech files to get the blueprints she came across something that gave away that Felicity was the hacker that sent her to prison.


Green Arrow gets up to Felicity’s office just in time to save her. The bug man is there though and takes him on, as he is somehow as a solid figure of a man despite being made up of thousands of tiny mechanical bugs. When the tides turn against Ollie, it’s Felicity who saves him by breaking a lamp and using it to electrocute the thing.


Curtis, meanwhile, is able to hack them as they upgraded. He uses the Bug Eyed Bandit’s own bees against her and she’s knocked unconscious.


After the action is done the team returns to the Quiver, and Green Arrow thanks Curtis for his help. He also says he’s welcome back at any time, and I certainly hope Curtis takes him up on that offer. Also, Ollie should’ve given him that high five right then.


While cleaning up the office later, Felicity and Thea have another talk about living the vigilante life. Thea asks how Felicity can walk away from the rush they get from taking down bad guys. Felicity says that isn’t why she did it, she liked helping people. Felicity also says that she thinks she sees a way to do that with her work, letting Palmer Tech be the beacon of hope.

Oh yeah, there’s that Darhk stuff too.

Malcolm goes to visit Darhk in prison. Darhk is wondering why his resources haven’t been implemented to get him out of prison. Malcolm reveals that he’s been in contact with his ‘resources’ and they like him where he is, as they were growing resentment at his methods. Hive and the rest are moving forward with Genesis without him.


After he leaves we see Darhk is having a bit of a run-in with the other inmates, the leader of which appears to be Murmur. Darhk flips Murmur though, who kills his own men. Apparently Darhk threatened to kill his grandmother. Later on we see Malcolm having a secret meeting with Andy, who he refers to as Darhk’s ‘ace in the hole’. Apparently he isn’t done with Darhk just yet even if Hive has moved on from him.

Assorted Musings

In the show it was called both the Arrowcave and the Bunker, but I’m sticking with Quiver.


I know that prob wasn’t an actual Squirrel Girl reference, but I still squee’d.

Curtis needs to be in all the episodes from now on.

Neal Adams (who Curtis says is the name of the guy from Data Processing who he thought was the Green Arrow) is also the name of one of the more well known comic book artists associated with Green Arrow. He worked on “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” which was a cross-over between Green Arrow and Green Lantern that I would absolutely recommend.


I’m only half paying attention to the flashbacks, but the magic Reiter’s using sounds similar to what Constantine did to Chaz.

There were soooo many geeky pop culture references I couldn’t name them all, and they were great.

3/4 DC shows referenced Harry Potter this week, I’ll be listening for one more in tomorrow’s Legends to completed the list.