The episode in which everyone blames themselves for everything that went wrong ever. In which everyone gets emotional, including the audience if twitter is any judge of such things. In which we finally see the name on the gravestone. Spoilers ahoy!

“Time of death: Eleven Fifty-Nine.”

We finally get to see the funeral the show has been teasing all season, or so we think. It turns out it was actually Tommy Merlyn’s funeral. Oliver was supposed to give the eulogy, but isn’t present, so Laurel gives it instead. She says how she loves Tommy, and she’s sure Ollie does to, but it might be too painful for him. Oliver hears her off to the side, and in the aforementioned pain, walks away.

In the present Oliver and Diggs have a heart to heart in the Quiver. Diggs says that Lyla and Sara are at an ARGUS safehouse, and Carly and Andy Jr. are also under protection. Ollie sees the pain in Diggs eyes and tells him that he can’t blame himself for what happened. Diggs, of course, does blame himself because if he hadn’t put his trust in Andy and had just listened to Ollie then Laurel would still be alive.


We also see a news broadcast about what happened. They announce the death of assistant district attorney Laurel Lance who was killed at Iron Heights where she was working on her case against Damien Darhk. Darhk now is at large and is the primary suspect in Lance’s murder.

Then we see an arms deal going down, until they’re interrupted by none other than Black Canary using her signature Canary Cry.


“You failed this city.”

The team regroups in the Quiver, the whole team minus Laurel that is. Ollie wants them to start thinking about how they can stop Darhk and avenge Laurel instead of burying themselves in their own grief. Before they can do anything however Captain Lance strolls in and shows them today’s headline about how Black Canary took down the arms dealers.

Felicity pulls up CCTV footage of the attack, and it certainly looks like her. Lance seems to gain his hope that Laurel isn’t gone-after all who hasn’t died or thought to be dead on this show? Then Ollie notices that the bag containing Laurel’s possessions is missing her sonic device. Diggs points out that Cisco keyed it to her vocal patters so that no one else could use it.


Lance and Ollie head to the morgue to confirm Laurel is still there. After Lance leaves, Ollie thanks the doctor for her continued discretion. He them mentions that there were others who saw him bring in the Black Canary, but the doc assures him that everyone knows that it was Laurel Lance they treated. Ollie then mentions the missing sonic device and the doc tells him of a woman she frequently sees in the emergency room who seems a bit off.

Thea is having dinner with Alex, who is attempting to lighten her mood a bit. It doesn’t last them long until the Canary crashes their date. She beats up Alex and yells at him for ‘working with them’. Thea gets her off of him, but she runs. Thea calls Ollie and Green Arrow tracks her down. He asks her why she did it, but she’s got anger towards him as well, for ‘leaving them to die at Reddington’ and for failing this city.

“A sixteen-year-old badass in the making.”

The team regroups at the Quiver. Ollie realized at the reference to Reddington means that the girl was likely one of Darhk’s subjects. Felicity scans for missing persons that involve a teenage girl and the Sharp family name comes up, the parents were found dead after Christmas from apoxia which could be from Darhk’s gas chamber. The teenage girl was Evelyn a gymnast who also did well academically. While Thea mentions that she accused Alex of “working with them” (and they conclude she means HIVE) they do not address this plot hole AT ALL.


Captain Lance calls up Nyssa, who uses some beautiful words to convey grief the way she usually does. Lance assumes they can use the Lazarus Pit to bring Laurel back, like they did for Sara, but Nyssa says that she destroyed the pits months ago. Lance then asks what other options they have, but Nyssa says they don’t have any. Lance is determined though.


“Sometimes we just need a reason when a situation is completely unreasonable.”

Oliver is brooding at his former campaign headquarters when Felicity finds him. Oliver blames himself both for Laurel’s death, and for what happened to the girl. Felicity says self-blame is going around, and when he asks if she means Diggs she says that he does but then admits she means herself. She thinks that if she had been in the Quiver then maybe she could have made a difference.



Then Felicity gets a call from Thea who says that Diggs missed a check in on Lyla and they’re both concerned. It seems they have a right to be too, as we then see Spartan attack the car for Ruve Darhk and kidnap her at gunpoint. He tells her he’s done playing games, and that she needs to deliver a message to her husband for him and points the gun point blank to her chest.

Before he can fire though, and arrow deflects the gun. Ruve flees leaving the boys to have their moment. Diggs is just full of anger, and he’s losing sight of who he is because of it. He doesn’t know what he needs to do, or what he’s capable of, but he feels the need to do something. Ollie empathizes, and reminds Diggs that nothing he does will bring Laurel back, and if she were here she’d tell him to not forget who he is.


They return to the Quiver where Felicity has had little luck tracking down Evelyn Sharp. We see another news cast, this time of Ruve Darhk herself issuing a statement about the attack on herself, and she condemns the vigilantes. She also mentions that another, the Black Canary, attacked her chief of staff just the day before. She has the new DA issue arrest warrants for them all.

“One of this city’s brightest knights.”

Nyssa calls up Ollie to tell him about what Lance is attempting to do. Nyssa senses that something is wrong, and Ollie unloads on her everything that seems to be going wrong with the current situation, and how powerless he feels. Ollie tracks down Quinton, and tells him that there’s nothing to bring Laurel back. Ollie says he wants her back too, but there isn’t one. Quinton loses it, and so do I.



It’s Felicity who breaks Diggs out of his funk. She tells him that it wasn’t his fault, just like they’re always telling Oliver it isn’t his fault. Then they get the alert that Evelyn has been spotted at a hotel where Ruve Darhk is making an appearance. Diggs votes that they let her kill Ruve, but Felicity points out that with her costume she would be killing Laurel’s legacy too.

I haven’t done this in awhile, but the Felicity Line of the Night is:


The team suits up and heads to the site, which is crawling with the anti-vigilante task force. Ruve knows that Black Canary is coming for her, but refuses to leave. Black Canary does find her, and brings her to her knees at gunpoint. Green Arrow tries to reasons with Evelyn, saying that she saw the Black Canary in action and then asks her what the real Black Canary would do. She lowers the gun and they both get out of there.


“You’ve always been the best of me.”

The team regroups in the Quiver with mixed emotions. They lost track of Evelyn who is now in the wind and could be dangerous. The team misses the real Black Canary and wishes she was out there. Thea was furious that this girl ruined Laurel’s legacy as the Black Canary, who will now be remembered as a gun-toting would be murderer. Ollie says he isn’t going to let that happen.

Then we do get to see Laurel’s funeral, and even Dinah Lance again on Quinton’s arm. Ollie does give the eulogy this time around, and tells about how she always wanted to help the people and this city. He says that being a lawyer wasn’t enough for her, and that wasn’t why she was there at Iron Heights that night. He reveals to everyone that Laurel Lance was the Black Canary.


We see the scene with Barry again, with more context this time, though it’s weird to see Flash speeding off as that means it still doesn’t take place exactly at the same time as this weeks’ Flash. We also see the scene with Ollie and Felicity in the limo after the graveyard where she tells him that he has to kill Darhk. She says that he always finds a way, despide how powerless he feels going up against Darhk. She tells him he has to win, for Laurel, for this city, for all of them.

Assorted Musings

We used to joke that the flashbacks would eventually catch up and they’d be of season one, and here we are.


Although I liked Tommy at the time, it was so long ago that it seems very disconnected now.

Oh man, that Diggs scene was very emotionally heavy, as was everything with Quinton. Why do you torture us like this?!

Seriously, no one is going to address that for some reason Evelyn thinks that Alex is working for HIVE? Do they just assume it’s because he works for Ruve now? Because that seems like a dumb assumption to make. I’ve been wondering if there’s more to him for awhile now.


So while there’s no Evelyn Sharp in DC lore (as far as I could tell) there is an Evelyn Crawford who was a friend of Black Canary’s and a member of Birds of Prey.

Overall, I think they’re handling Laurel’s death pretty well. It was a traumatic event that motivated the team, but she doesn’t feel like just a plot point. I like that Lance was trying to bring her back like they did Sara, because someone had to. I still don’t think she’s gone forever, but bringing her back so soon wouldn’t have been the best way to handle it.